Geert Vermeulen

Geert Vermeulen

Executive Chef at Double-Six Luxury Hotel

Back in his hometown of Koersel, Belgium, Geert developed a great interest in the culinary world early in his life. “Pastry was my first love as a kid growing up in Belgium,” Geert admitted. “I used to help my mother bake bread, make desserts and pancakes in our home kitchen.” Geert planned to enrol in a school to become a pastry chef, but he was too late for the submission. The mishap, however, took him in a slightly different direction as Geert began his apprenticeship in a hotel restaurant and continued his career as a cook.

Geert cut his teeth as the sous chef for the one Michelin-starred Le Passage Restaurant in Brussels for six years. Afterwards his culinary adventure took him to Indonesia where he has sharpened his skills since 2002. Starting as chef de cuisine for Pala Restaurant, becoming executive sous chef for Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta, F&B director for Segara Village Hotel in Sanur, Bali and the Executife chef of Ayodya Resort Bali, among other achievements. Geert expanded his journey to be the F&B director consultant at The Loft Boutique Hotel in Myanmar before coming home to Bali and helming Double-Six Luxury Hotel in Seminyak as the Executife chef.

Buntut Pie Floater

The signature creation at Robert Marchetti The Plantation Grill is a unique and hearty dish comprising puff pastry pie and oxtail that’s been boiled in red wine and beef stock. The oxtail has also been slow-cooked for 12 hours, resulting in sweet and fall-off-the-bone tender meat. The dish itself is inspired by Australians’ favourite food, which is pie, and Indonesians’ favourite, which is oxtail.

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