Go Loco for Cocoa!

Go Loco for Cocoa!

Bean-to-bar chocolatier Jika Chocolat pays attention to the smallest details to create a high-quality product.

As the third-largest cocoa bean producer in the world, Indonesia has the raw material to rival Belgium and Switzerland in making excellent chocolate. But, with so many brands to choose from, which one stands out the most?

Jika Chocolat is a bean-to-bar artisanal chocolatier that uses organic ingredients sourced directly from local farmers to maintain the highest standards of quality, whilst also being environmentally and sustainably responsible. The brand was born from the founder’s passion, triggered when he and his wife travelled around the archipelago and discovered the great potential of Indonesia’s cocoa terroirs. After digging a little further and learning chocolate making techniques in Italy, Jika Chocolat brand was established.

At Jika Chocolat, the cocoa beans are sourced from local farmers at a premium price to help improve the quality of the farmers’ lives. Once at Jika Chocolat, the beans are sorted by hand and then undergo a thorough process to craft premium chocolate.

Offered in varieties that showcase the best of Indonesian ingredients, chocolate lovers can indulge in exceptional flavours, such as Jika Chocolat 60% to 80% for deep intense dark chocolate, Jika Chocolat Sea Salt with coarse Bali sea salt, Jika Chocolat Coffee, Jika Chocolat Chili, Jika Chocolat Coconut, Jika Chocolat Cashew and Jika Chocolat Peanuts.