Gunther’s Restaurant

Gunther’s Restaurant


“Cooking is my passion,”  confesses Chef Gunther Hubrechsen “What I’m doing here is simple, honest food; cooking that comes from the heart.”

It is something of a phenomenon when a restaurant is able to preserve and even intensify the passion and energy that sparked its very creation. Or when the heartfelt devotion to creating fantastic food can be tasted in every dish, seen in the sentimental décor and heard from the resounding compliments from palate-pleased guests. The fact that Chef Gunther Hubrechsen named his restaurant after himself is not an act of narcissism, but simply a sign that he has put the whole of his being into his eponymous eatery. It is a place he calls home, a place of sincerity, and the place to find some of Singapore’s most refined modern French cuisine.

Classic Flavours, Modern Interpretation

Like the man himself, Gunther’s food is down-to-earth, yet deftly executed with elegance and finesse. His gift lies in his ability to reinterpret classic dishes and flavours, breathing new life into them in terms of both taste and presentation. The chef frames each of his dishes with an artist’s eye and constantly aims to fashion gastronomic works of art that please both eye and palate.

He devises unusual flavour combinations with delicate sensitivity, resulting in dishes that are pleasurable to eat, yet novel to experience. His philosophy of using pure, quality produce, cooked simply but in the best ways possible, help to develop the natural flavours. Think slow cooking techniques and natural jus. Everything tastes like it should, cooked from the heart, and skyrocketed to new gustatory levels.

Take the decadent carpaccio of beef for instance. The dish utilises just a few ingredients, but each is chosen with care and handled with finesse. The beef is marbled Wagyu, grade nine, and sliced to film-like delicateness – so delicate that it can rest upon a shatteringly-crisp sheet of potato.

Then take the golden swirls of Gunther’s signature angel hair pasta, served cold and gorgeously scented with truffle oil and chives, topped with Oscietra caviar. The explosion of exquisite flavours makes this a firm favourite among Gunther’s enthusiasts.

A treat for diner’s both old and new, Chef Gunther often surprises guests with whimsical creations, made with the latest in-season ingredients and paraded through the dining room for all to drool over. Try the exclusive and off-the-menu suckling pig with Kriek beer sauce, where a tender cut of succulent pork is infused with a touch of roasted sweetness, cradled within a crispy layer of juicy crackling.

Or for a magical concoction of rich mushrooms, try the Floating Island of Champignon de Paris on Consommé of Poultry – a treat for the taste buds in every bite. The signature apple tart “à la dragées” with Havana rum and raisin cream completes the perfect French feast.



The Home of Gunther 

Paying homage to Gunther’s Belgian descent, the restaurant’s style is inspired by Art Nouveau, translating the international style of art, architecture and design that peaked in popularity in Belgium in the early 20th century into an ideal setting to enjoy his stylish cuisine.

Neutral décor is enlivened by panel art pieces and boiserie ceilings, infused with highly-stylised curvilinear designs that embodies fauna and floral motifs. From the chic and classy restaurant to the humble bar and private dining rooms, you will be absorbed by the charming and sophisticated ambience that exudes an opulent yet affable style.

Causing a Stir

Residing at Singapore’s swanky Purvis Street, Gunther’s sophisticated French fare has caused quite a stir in the chic fine dining scene ever since its opening. In the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 2009, Gunther’s was named “New Restaurant of the Year”, and has retained its position as Asia’s Top 20 Finest Restaurants in The Miele Guide from 2008 onwards. In 2012, Gunther’s was awarded “Restaurant of the Year” and “Outstanding Caterer of the Year” at the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 2012, then, at the inaugural Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 sponsored by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine was voted into the list at No. 43; an accomplishment that is known not only in Asia but also around the world as the most credible indicator in global cuisine standards.

It may be the outstanding cuisine that is seducing Singapore’s finest, or perhaps the impeccable service, extensive wine list, and even the ‘à la mode’ décor; but it is the added personal touch and unadulterated passion from Chef Gunther Hubrechsen that truly sets this modern French restaurant apart.

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