Heritage Dim Sum Brunch at The Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel...

Heritage Dim Sum Brunch at The Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Dim Sum Brunch

Located off Collyer Quay and overlooking the iconic Marina Bay, The Clifford Pier restaurant is part of the luxurious Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and offers a range of delicious and authentic dishes in one of the most beautiful and sophisticated settings in the city.

A historic landmark, Clifford Pier was built in 1933 and was the first landing point for many of Singapore’s early immigrants. Harking back to the red oil lanterns that once hung from the pier to alert and guide vessels ashore, Clifford Pier was known colloquially as Ang Teng Ma Toi – Red Lantern Pier – by the rickshaw pullers, taxi-drivers and street hawkers who plied their trade in and around the bay.

In line with the goal of respecting and preserving the once thriving local hawker culture, The Clifford Pier presents a range of menus that represent Singapore’s diverse multi-cultural history and nothing highlights this commitment more than the Heritage Dim Sum Brunch.

Available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 11AM and 2.30PM, The Heritage Dim Sum Brunch is a truly enchanting and nostalgic dining experience and one fully in tune with both the restaurant’s past and present.

A delicious mix of inspired buffet and à la minute stations await guests alongside wandering hawker carts serving classics like steamed siew mai with tobiko roe, fen guo dumplings, pork ribs in fermented black bean sauce and the kids’ perennial favourite, the steamed custard bun, direct to your table.

The hawker theme continues at many of the live cooking stations. Indulge in a plate of mixed Singaporean satay complemented by traditional peanut sauce and krupuk, or collect a bowl of freshly tossed rojak – a mix of crispy vegetables, bean curd and fruit slices tossed in a classic deep-red, spicy rojak sauce. Naturally the beloved Singaporean chilli crab is one of the favourites, along with the luscious tiger prawn laksa and the simple, yet alluring Hainanese chicken rice. The choice continues with an array of local specialities inspired by the melting pot of cultures that converged on Ang Teng Ma Toi with dishes like wok fried sambal prawns, crispy prawn dumplings, nasi kampung and fried carrot cake with egg and preserved turnip. There is a host of perennial local hot and cold desserts too, including pulut hitam, rainbow lapis, yam pudding and the sweet palm sugar filled tutu kueh. Choose free-flow soft drinks, chilled juices, Fullerton Bay blend tea and coffee or take the house wines, fizz and beer package.

Sophistication and elegance are the order of the day at The Clifford Pier with regular piano and jazz sessions enhancing the charming experience. The interior design, with its stylish retro-modern décor and furnishings features tables and sofas set for couples, families and larger groups. With the extravagant use of glass and open views, the natural daylight gives a warm hue, whilst at night the grandiose chandeliers are as breathtaking as the enviable setting. The design makes full use of the vast symmetrical roof purlins, a feature made doubly extraordinary by the polished floor in the foyer, which creates an imposing oversize tunnel-like impression as you arrive. It is a masterpiece of design – lavish, modern and functional, yet reminiscent of a bygone era and the perfect setting for afternoon tea, a heritage-inspired evening meal or the leisurely weekend brunch.