Home is where The Heart Is

Home is where The Heart Is

Black Pepper Fish – Locally farmed grouper, black pepper and vanilla sauce, charred pickled carrot (PhotoCredit: Robin Thang)

Discover creative contemporary cuisine at Nouri, where acclaimed Brazilian chef Ivan Brehm adds a pinch of soul and squeeze of South American heart to the city’s flourishing fine-dining scene.

When the latest and eagerly anticipated Michelin Guide Singapore was announced it was no surprise that the distinguished listing included Nouri, a relatively new restaurant secreted quietly away on Amoy Street in Singapore’s colourful Chinatown.

Nouri takes its name from the verb to nourish and with his brand of outstanding contemporary European-style cuisine, the much-admired owner-chef Ivan Brehm certainly goes the extra mile to ensure diners leave his restaurant well-satisfied and extremely happy.

Ivan Brehm (PhotoCredit: Robin Thang)

With seating for just 42 people, the design is more understated than one might expect of a Brehm restaurant, but remains stylish and comfortable. Its excellent cuisine is backed up by excellent service. Alongside the extensively stocked bar and main dining space, Nouri also boasts a sophisticated private room for those who want extra intimacy.

The dining concept is built upon Brehm’s far-reaching work experience, which has included stints at New York’s Per Se, Mugaritz in Spain, Hibiscus in London and four years at The Fat Duck, where he became development chef at Heston Blumenthal’s iconic Experimental Kitchen, before moving to Singapore leading Bacchanalia to its first Michelin star in 2016.

As Brehm notes, “Nouri is special, and a restaurant to call my own.” With a nod to his global influences, he dubs his food “crossroads cooking”, a distinctive and eclectic style that draws inspiration from produce and cuisines from all around the world.

Wild Rice Stem – steam roasted Makomotake, spiced buttermilk gratin, cultured cabbage (PhotoCredit: Robin Thang)

The menu is compact but full of exceptional dishes, such as the beautifully plated and delicious black pepper fish. A locally farmed grouper fillet is served atop a glossy black pepper and vanilla sauce with a charred pickled carrot accompaniment, and, inspired by the chef’s Brazilian heritage, a wonderful acarajé and vatapá Afro-Brazilian fritter.

Among our favourites is the spicy Indian-influenced chicken debal, or devil’s chicken, a succulent butter poached chicken breast in an aromatic debal curry served with achar pickles and rice crackers. The dessert menu is just as impressive with the whimsical Chinese liquorice and violet flower parfait with lemon salt, fennel flowers and love letters high on the list of must-try dishes.

Dinning at Nouri is all about the experience and, ably supported by the award-winning sommelier, sake sommelier and bartender Mathew Chan, Brehm’s crossroads concept extends seamlessly into an exciting and extensive beverage list.

Receiving critical acclaim, the crossroads cocktail list launched last year is a regional celebration with each concoction reflecting a specific time, country or culture. The Ode to Celebration, for example, is inspired by China’s mid-Autumn festival, whilst A Vow of Eternity mirrors a traditional Korean wedding where the bride and groom drink rice wine from a sliced gourd to symbolise the union. Nouri also boasts an excellent range of sake and organic, biodynamic wines.

Closed Sundays, Nouri brings a pinch of soul and squeeze of South American heart to the city’s flourishing fine-dining scene.

72 Amoy Street
Singapore 069891
T: (+65)62214148
E: info@nouri.com.sg

Exquisite Taste March – May 2019