Honest Food from the Heart

Honest Food from the Heart

Presenting a memorable and trustworthy experience, Masanobu Jakarta brings you to ancient Japan through modern Japanese cuisine, using only the finest ingredients.

Located on the main floor facing the lobby of Menara Astra, Masanobu Jakarta dons a modern and elegant facade with a touch of traditional Japanese finesse for a memorable relaxing atmosphere. With its large reception area, exposed to the outside through a glass door, Masanobu welcomes its guests. In the dining room, a masculine yet soft nuance can be felt with the use of black, gray and brown elements in wood and stone. A luxury detail that immediately catches the eye is the restaurant’s logo taken from the family’s insignia, or kamon in Japanese, which means “trust and honesty”. This strong philosophy is used by Masanobu in serving its guests.

Masanobu offers a modern concept in its dishes, but what makes it even more interesting is its owner’s family history in the Ishikawa prefecture, a coastal area of Japan that prides itself on its fresh seafood. A tribute to the Masanobu family lineage is presented through a selection of delicious dishes in the restaurant.

Negi Shio Wagyu Tongue

With a casual dining concept, Masanobu offers dishes such as teppanyaki and robatayaki, alongside specialties such as sushi and tempura, but its shareable tapas-style selection is a must try; a smart move considering the majority of the clientele are office workers who want their food fast without compromising quality. The Hakozen Lunch Set Menu is also suitable for those pressed for time; a very affordable lunch selection that gets you a choice of dishes with rice, condiments with a side of miso soup and chawanmushi.

Masanobu has many must-try signature dishes, starting with the Negi Shio Wagyu Tongue, where fresh vegetables are topped with grilled wagyu tongue and finished off with wasabi dressing for a truly delectable salad. There are also the Kaisen Bara Chirashi and Wagyu Bara Chirashi beautifully presented and garnished for a truly enjoyable meal. The Kaisen Bara Chirashi is rice served with a variety of neatly sliced toppings such as seafood, salmon, Japanese omelette, cucumber, and seaweed, which can be enjoyed with the addition of soy sauce, wasabi and also fresh ginger. Wagyu meat lovers should go for the Wagyu Bara Chirashi; Japanese rice combined with tender cuts of perfectly cooked meat that pamper your taste buds.

Matcha Tiramisu

For dessert, don’t miss the Matcha Tiramisu, a great balance of bitter and sweet thanks to the smooth tiramisu covered with green tea powder. Make sure you eat all the way to the bottom of the tiramisu to the best part.

By using the best ingredients and exquisite presentation that is perfectly in harmony with the restaurant’s philosophy of trust and honesty, dining at Masanobu is an experience as good as a bowl of matcha tiramisu.


Menara Astra

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman

Jakarta 10250 Indonesia

T: (+62) 2180600948

E: masanobu@altitude.co.id


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