A Taste of Harmony

A Taste of Harmony

Seia invites you to explore the tastes of Indonesia, culminating in the opinion that Indonesian cuisine is second to none.

The Pakis Culinary Group is no stranger to the Indonesian F&B world with its repertoire of restaurant brands all serving Indonesian specialties. The latest addition is Seia Restaurant. Yes, you read that correctly. Seia is taken from the phrase “seiya sekata”, which means mind and matter are in harmony. This expression has been implemented into the restaurant’s vision of promoting the idea that the wealth of Indonesian cuisine, from Sabang to Merauke, has a common thread that draws everything together in unity through taste.

Located in Menara Astra, the majestic and beautiful Seia Restaurant showcases a natural atmosphere. Tropical greenery greets guests who want to dine in a casual setting, while the interior, designed by Agam Riadi, and the waitresses’ beautiful outfits designed by renowned designer Didi Budiarjo, add to the luxurious feel. Typical Indonesian ornaments, such as gongs, wood carvings and bamboo installations, make the restaurant feel homey.

Dining with colleagues and family, the dishes at this restaurant are guaranteed to answer your curiosity about modern creations using the unique ingredients that are showcased from each region of Indonesia.

You know full well that you are in an Indonesian restaurant as your table is filled with fragrant and nose-tickling aromas and spices. The dishes at Seia Restaurant have a modern twist that can only be found here. Rengginang Lasem, for example, is deep fried rice crackers filled with shrimp fish cake. The crisp rengginang is uniquely combined with springy-textured otak-otak. Balado Pariaman beef jerky, meanwhile, is perfect for those looking for heat, thanks to the balado sambal and onion pickle.

For those who love fried noodles, try the Sambal Roa Fried Noodles with spicy smoked tuna, or the Andaliman Fried Noodles with spicy prawns and andaliman pepper that originates in North Sumatra. Stir-fried Indonesian vegetable dishes can also be enjoyed at Seia Restaurant, including stir-fried corn, green leafy vegetables and smoked tuna or bean sprouts stir-fried with salted fish, all best served with a plate of warm rice. Seia Restaurant has five types of rice, including brown rice, katuk leaf rice, corn rice and torch ginger rice.

BolU Ubi Ungu

End your Indonesian culinary experience on a sweet note with the Bolu Ubi Ungu, a traditional sponge cake served with palm sugar, or the Mahameru mocktail made from strawberries, oranges, peaches and ginger ale. Seia Restaurant truly presents a sweet, rich experience of Indonesian cuisine. Find out for yourself if you feel seiya sekata with Seia Restaurant.

Seia Restaurant

Menara Astra

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman

Jakarta 10250 Indonesia

T: (+62) 2180600945

E: seia.resto@gmail.com


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