The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta

The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta

Kaisen Miso Gratin, Crab Meat Salad & Deep Fried Prawn with Kimi Sauce

Lovers of Japanese food would be well-advised to drop by The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta, the hotel’s newly rebranded Japanese restaurant formerly known as Keyaki Japanese Restaurant. At The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta, guests can savour fresh premium seafood meticulously sourced from the hotel’s select suppliers and prepared by the restaurant’s talented culinary team.

Occupying a cosy space to the right of the hotel’s lobby, The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta welcomes visitors with lush tropical plants and a handsome reception area. Through the entrance, visitors are led into a contemporary dining space with oriental touches. The dining room features expansive hardwood flooring and charming Japanese lanterns hanging from the lofted open-beam ceiling. Visitors can choose between rows of soft-furnished fine-dining seating for more formal occasions, as well as bar seating for those eager to have a chat with the sushi chefs.

The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta’s food program is masterminded by Executive Chef Masami Okamoto, a veteran chef with more than 20 years of experience working in illustrious kitchens across Europe and Asia.

To start off your meal, the crab meat salad is a recommended item – thin cucumber strips, sliced crab sticks and inari skin are tossed in house-made mayonnaise sauce and topped with tobiko and crispy salmon skin. Our favourite is the deep-fried prawn with kimi sauce. The batter-fried prawn is coated in a rich and umami salted egg sauce, accompanied with fried salmon skin and fried perilla leaf. For mains, order the kaisen miso gratin. A seafood medley of king prawns, crab meat, octopus and white fish paired with broccoli, sweet corn and shiitake mushroom and combined with white miso sauce before being grilled in the oven.

Signature Seafood:

Crab meat salad, Deep-fried prawn with kimi sauce & Kaisen miso gratin

The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta
Sari Pacific Jakarta
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 6
Jakarta 10340, Indonesia
T: +622129932752