Jesse Vida

Jesse Vida


Jesse Vida
head bartender of ATLAS bar singapore 

What’s your philosophy as a bartender?

A: Be kind, be patient, be cheeky, and find the yes to make every guest experience special within the ethos of where you are serving drinks. Knowledge and training are paramount, but the guest experience comes first, above all else.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a bar during the course of your career?

A: I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in bars over these past 14 plus years, spanning from San Francisco, New York, and now Singapore. I would say the craziest thing that comes to mind is a massive fight that broke out at a bar I worked at in San Francisco. I saw a guy go flying through a glass table, it was like a scene from a movie.

What is the worst drink that a customer has ever asked you to make?

A: The worst request I commonly get is from guests who say that want NO sugar in their drink; a margarita with zero sugar is literally a glass of tequila and lime juice. I understand people want to drink healthy and all of that, but just drink a spirit on the rocks or something if you don’t want the added sugar. Sugar is a critical element in balancing a cocktail; please don’t be that person.

What aspect of your job do you find the most rewarding? Conversely, what’s the least glamorous part?

A: The single most rewarding thing about working at a cocktail bar is when you give a guest that life-changing moment, when they finally have a cocktail or spirit that totally blows their mind and will change how the drink from that point on. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this firsthand many times, it’s a special moment for sure.

What are three of your favourite classic cocktails? 

A: Dry Gin martini – The king of the cocktail, it’s all about the gin, dry and crisp, it just hits the spot! 

Daiquiri – This simple classic cocktail, when done right, can be amazing. A lot of people get caught up in making super complex modern drinks, just give me a perfectly shaken daiquiri with fresh lime juice and a nice higher proof white rum – let’s go!

Negroni – This is my all-round favourite classic cocktail, its great in cold or warm weather, before or after dinner, daytime or night-time. You just can’t go wrong with a Negroni, it’s also versatile with other spirits and little tweaks can make a great drink.  

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