Signature Peking Duck

at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

One of the staple cuisines of the multi-cultural city of Jakarta, Chinese food has always been a popular choice in the archipelago since the first wave of Chinese immigrants first set their feet down on the islands in search of a better life. The reason why it was so popular back then and has remained so to this day, is that Chinese food has always reminded one of the taste of home. Perhaps then, it is fitting that the latest culinary outlet by Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is named JIA, which is the Chinese word for house.

A reincarnation of the bygone Shang Place, JIA opened its doors early last year to diners eager to sample the new restaurant’s offerings. Visitors to JIA are greeted by a wall of neatly layered brick with the handsome copper-gold signage of the restaurant set upon its face. To the other side of the entrance is a set of floor-to-ceiling metal and glass partitions.

The restaurant’s décor is warm, modernistic and welcoming. The colour palate is a comforting chestnut, with polished squares of solid wood dining tables, hazelnut-coloured stretch sofas, brown and beige fluffy throw pillows and wooden dining chairs upholstered with cool grey plush cushions. Spotlights and quirky study lamps cast warm orange illumination on the main dining space, completing the picture of warmth and comfort of a cosy home.

What makes JIA famous is its Peking roast duck – a traditional favourite originating from Beijing in the Imperial Era. JIA’s version features the classic crisp skin sliced with succulent meat. The skin is wrapped in a soft steamed pancake with slices of scallion, cucumber and hoisin sauce. Another favourite is JIA’s dim sum. Freshly handmade each day, visitors can enjoy classics such as xiao long bao and steamed beancurd rolls or unique creations by the chef such as deep fried swan with almond sauce and the steamed rice roll with crispy shrimp.


Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

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