Kila Kila by Akasya

Kila Kila by Akasya

Bawal Bakar Rica Rica

Kila Kila by Akasya is a chic restaurant serving an authentic selection of Indonesian cuisine with an elevated touch. Found on the seventh floor of the Lot 4 Building, Kila Kila has a view over Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District. At the entrance, guests are captivated by an array of eye-catching yellow paper pinwheels, swirling merrily to the rhythm of the wind. Managed by Akasya Catering, a well-known catering company established for over 20 years, the restaurant’s menu ranges from a selection of traditional Indonesian soups to deliciously garnished succulent meat dishes, expressing Kila Kila’s passion for Indonesian heritage.

Representing many of the tastes of the archipelago, most of the dishes are staples that even those not familiar with Indonesian food will recognise, like sop buntut, tumis kangkung, pecel Madiun, nasi campur Bali and bakmi goreng Jawa. But there are also slight twists here and there, like the sate wagyu Kila Kila, bawal bakar rica rica and Teh Kudus ice cream.

The sate wagyu Kila Kila has long been the crowd favourite, while another beloved dish, bawal bakar rica rica, features grilled pomfret served with tasty rica rica sambal. As for dessert, the tape bakar gula Jawa – grilled fermented cassava served with palm sugar, really brings a burst of Indonesian home cooking to the table. All the dishes are crafted using the finest ingredients and retain their authentic flavours. If you crave a hearty Indonesian meal in a fine-dining atmosphere, Kila Kila will be heaven for you.

Must try:

  • Sate Wagyu Kila Kila
  • Bawal Bakar Rica Rica
  • Lidah Bakar Cabe Hijau

Kila Kila
SCBD Lot 4
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2151401484

Exquisite Taste June – August 2019