Makase at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Makase at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach


For accommodation that represents the vibrant stories of the neighbourhood, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is arguably the number one place to go. The same goes for Makase, one of the hotel’s varied dining outlets that makes the most of local produce and Balinese flavours – a go-to when you want to find the neighbourhood’s colourful culinary stories. The traditional flavours at Makase, however, are enhanced with modern knowledge and contemporary cooking techniques, focusing on health benefits and wellbeing.

Executive Chef Mads Wolff leads the kitchen with his modern take on traditional Asian and European cuisines with the freshest local produce. Most of the ingredients in Mads’ kitchen – from fruit and vegetables to the variety of cheeses – are sourced from Bali, and that’s how he incorporates the art of fusion into his dishes.

“Most of our menu at Makase is crafted with 100 percent locally sourced ingredients in mind. Hence be it internationally recognised comfort food like our delicious burgers or pastas, or Asian fusion dishes like the fried noodle and corn dumplings, everything is cooked with local ingredients from the archipelago – processing the boldness of flavours that is not only accepted by local or Asian palates, but also by the broader audience in Bali,” says Mads.

The variety of palate-enticing dishes at Makase makes it difficult to choose just one or two, that’s why it’s a good idea to come in a group, allowing diners to share and taste as many delicacies as possible. Mads suggests trying the extremely popular black pepper-glazed pork ribs. The ribs are sourced from pigs bred responsibly by Balinese farmers, and cooked to the perfect level of tenderness, resulting in succulent pork ribs – an international dish with a Balinese flavour. Another highlight from Mads himself is the barramundi, homage to the Jimbaran-style grilled fish – a must-have when in Bali – with a tiny twist of a Thai flavours found in the fresh shredded mango and sour sauce. A festive feast for the palate!

Fusion cuisine to me is when we are able to merge locally inspired cuisine with a contemporary approach but still using or incorporating the best of local ingredients. This is what Makase is all about—serving dishes inspired by Bali’s vibrant street food and daily markets, which are also influenced by a great deal of acculturation fusion from the region, however we cook it using a contemporary approach, with ingredients completely sourced from Indonesia.

Executive Chef Mads Wolff

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