Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Situated only steps away from the calm waters of Sanur Beach lies a hidden gem where guests can satisfy their sweet cravings. Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is more than a comfortable resort, it is a place where gastronomic experiences are heightened each day with new innovations that tickle the senses. At the heart of the resort is the all-day dining restaurant, Graze, where guests are invited to savour the flavoursome offerings that range from savoury to desserts.

Corporate Executive Chef Gildas Périn oversees the whole culinary process from top to bottom at both Maya Resorts, in Sanur and Ubud, where he is delighted to showcase his skills in combining French techniques with locally sourced ingredients.

Marinated Strawberry

Both in-house and outside guests get to sample many classic favourites inspired by the French chef’s childhood. For example, the Mango St. Honoré is a tropical twist on the French dessert, with a pastry base and a sautéed mango and passion fruit curd filling. The Coconut was his first dessert creation after moving to Bali and is inspired by the beautiful rows of coconut trees that adorn the island.

Gildas Périn – Corporate Executive Chef

E: What is your role as corporate executive chef?

Gildas: As a corporate chef my main task is to oversee all aspects of the culinary department, including pastry, and make sure we keep moving in the right direction. Basically, my role is to work with our different chefs and channel all the team members’ experiences and strengths to reach the same goal, like being a coach.

E: What is so special about your three signature desserts?

G: These three desserts are brand new, some not even on the menu yet! But what makes them special is their use of local products: coconut, strawberry and mango. I believe it is very important that our dishes and pastries tell a story and reflect our environment; here in Bali the best way to achieve that seemed to be with fruit.

E: Can you tell us about your dessert concept for the resorts?

G: One of the first rules I established when making our new desserts was using less sugar, that is a must in modern pastry. Secondly, we always try to respect the product, for example if you are making a lemon dessert then it should taste like lemon. Finally, on top of all that, we try to be creative, adding different textures and flavours to match with our pastry style.

E: What do you think is the most important principle or philosophy when it comes to baking?

G: I think the important thing is to not get carried away, knowing when to stop. Oftentimes chefs want to keep adding to a cake or dessert, making it more complex, but beauty lies in simplicity. Less is truly more.

  • Marinated Strawberry
  • Mango St. Honoré
  • The Coconut

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur

Bali 80338, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3618497800


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