Learn interesting facts and the history of regional Italian food as we take you on a journey through the many provinces of urban and rural Italy and highlight the best food products, culinary cultures and iconic cuisines in each of these areas.

Get geographically savvy with our culinary map of Italy highlighting the famous cuisines and food products of each historic town and city

Primi Piatti
From the classics to the contemporary, feast on these in-depth reviews of some of our favourite Italian restaurants in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There is something about cheese that leaves our palate wanting more every time. The Italians make hundreds of different varieties of cheese each year, and in this issue we present to you some of our all-time favourites, along with some tips on how to pair them with fine Italian wine.

A page dedicated to Italy’s three most fabled dessert selections: panna cotta, tiramisu and gelato. These desserts are wildly popular and are known to be some of the most tempting treats of all time.

With histories of Italian vineyards as well as the country’s finest red and wine varieties dissected and categorised in depth, this Italian section is especially dedicated to connoisseurs and Italian cuisine enthusiasts who value prestigious fine wines.

Italians love their coffees. It is a part of their longstanding culture. Learn how to enjoy coffee the way its meant to be enjoyed and the many different types of coffee Italians can’t live without.

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