La Cucina Restaurant

La Cucina Restaurant

La Cucina at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel takes its diners on a culinary tour of Italy.


With a concept called the “Tastes of Italy”, La Cucina is the signature Italian restaurant at the beachfront Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel that takes its diners on a culinary tour of Europe’s beloved boot, with a touch of Mediterranean and Asian inspiration thrown in for good measure.

Set beside the hotel’s pool and soaking up the shimmering oceanfront views, La Cucina serves up typical Italian fare suitable for the whole family. Think heartwarming pastas and thin-crust pizzas, direct from the restaurant’s open wood-fired oven.


The breezy al fresco setting gives way to a relaxed Italian dining experience, with the signature colours of the Italian flag subtly splashed throughout. Red squishy cushions are set against cool white-washed chairs, with pea-green place-mats set neatly atop each table. Rustic tiles and rich mahogany woods finish it all off with a warm and homely Italian feel.

One of the signature dishes at La Cucina is the Ravioli di Gameretto Fatti in Casa; a homemade prawn ravioli with a spinach filling and fragrant saffron sauce, and the Antipasto Misto platter that features big Italian staples like prosciutto, salami and anchovies.


In addition to its a la carte menu, La Cucina features monthly Italian specials, most notably the exploration of regional dishes showcasing this August. Throughout the month, La Cucina will highlight a special dish from each region, with a matching wine to complement the varying flavours from north to south, and to provide the ultimate taste of Italy.

Incorporating an Indonesian twist into their cuisine, another signature of La Cucina is the lasagne variations: a Balinese Chicken Lasagne and a Beef Rendang Lasagne. The Chicken Lasagne is lighter and brightly spiced, whilst its beef counterpart is rich and heavy-bodied, an ideal accompaniment to a slightly spicy Italian red.


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