Truffle wagyu donabe gohan

must-go dining destination for Jakarta’s Japanese food lovers, Momozen has garnered countless acclamations and rave reviews since first opening its doors in 2017. Located on the 46th floor of the prestigious The Plaza office towers, the restaurant occupies a snug and elegant space overlooking the city’s stunning skyline. With its promise of Japanese-French culinary masterpieces, guests can expect to be delighted with a rotation of gourmet delights featuring meticulously sourced ingredients such as truffles and caviar incorporated into Japanese classics.

Headed by the young and inventive Chef Sho Naganuma, Momozen’s offerings are bold, ground-breaking and utterly delicious. Chef Sho’s stints in award-winning kitchens in America belie his youthful looks. The chef’s method of utilising choice local ingredients and adapting to local preferences reflects his pragmatic philosophy.

Momozen’s interior is contemporary with touches of Japanese influence. The L-shaped space features lofted ceilings that allow for ample lighting throughout the day. The sleek modern interior exudes elegance, favouring the minimalist approach with a few centrepieces such as choice art installations scattered throughout the space, as well as bold and modernistic chandeliers.

The menu is a small one, reflecting Chef Sho’s focus on quality rather than quantity. First-time guests to Momozen are recommended to try the truffle somen with caviar to start their meal. Chilled hand-made somen is dressed lightly in an utterly delicious truffle kombu sauce and finished off with exquisite caviar and gold leaf. For mains, the baby chic truffle rice is a popular choice amongst frequent diners. A whole baby chicken stuffed with umami truffle butter rice is grilled lovingly over charcoal. The freshly grilled chicken is carved into pieces and finished off with a generous helping of shaved truffles. Another signature dish that guests should try is the Truffle Wagyu Donabe Gohan which uses premium Kagoshima wagyu beef.

The Chef’s Perspective

Chef Sho Naganuma

“Respect the Old, Welcome the New – Japanese Proverb. Cooking is like art, it’s never a finished product. And just like art, there are definitions such as ‘classics’ and ‘modern art’. However, I personally believe that ‘classic’ is never confined by time. Some new technique today could possibly become a new classic in a couple of years. So with this in mind, we are respecting the traditions from both Japanese and French styles of cooking while simultaneously embracing what’s to come. I can’t wait to bring a new world of tastes to Jakarta!”

Chef’s Choice

  • Truffle Wagyu Donabe Gohan
  • Truffle Somen with Caviar
  • Baby Chic Truffle Rice


Altitude, The Plaza,

Jalan M.H. Thamrin,

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: +622129922246

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