A treat we can’t get enough of at the popular modern fusion bistro Moringa is its superbly tasty Indian grilled chicken. This contemporary chicken tikka, served with crunchy homemade fries, fluffy pita bread, Katchumber salad and two dipping sauces, aioli and makhani, has been skilfully prepared by chefs whose goal is to create “a symphony of skilfully harmonized contrasts of textures and tastes”.

The chicken is organic, marinated in a special recipe of Indian herbs and spices along with homemade yoghurt and cooked sous vide to seal in the rich flavours and maintain the juicy succulence of the meat. For the final step, imbuing a gorgeous smoky aroma, the tender chicken is grilled.

This popular choice at Moringa Eat and Greet is  is a great pick-me-up at lunchtime, as well as a healthy choice for a light dinner.