Mott 32

Mott 32

Mott 32

Mott-32---Peking-Duck-(2)Mott 32 is a fashionable new pan-Chinese fine dining restaurant and bar located in the basement of the Standard Chartered Building on Des Voeux Road in Hong Kong’s Central District. Radiating from the central core is the bar and 5 semi-private rooms, all designed and themed to reflect Hong Kong’s turbulent history. Dining at Mott 32 is not just an elegant Chinese dining experience, it’s an education!

The extensive menu created by executive chef Mr Fung, the former head of the two Michelin-starred Dynasty restaurant along with Malcolm Wood provides a fusion of Cantonese, Szechuan and Beijing styles, ingredients and techniques. Fung is rightly regarded as one of Hong Kong’s most innovative chefs and said at the lavish opening, ”I aim to enhance the traditional flavours of Chinese cuisine with new pairings and by using only the finest ingredients.” 

The result is delectable signature dishes like the Kurobuta pork sui mai with succulent quail egg centre, topped off with black truffle. The popular dim sum menu has some special features too, with the Kurobuta Pork, Crab and Caviar proving exceedingly nice. 

The restaurant and bar is gaining a reputation for delicious food, cocktails and excellent service in one of Hong Kong’s most competitive and trendy locations. Its traditional Cantonese style and classic Beijing style duck are favourites, but if you want to sample the Beijing duck it needs to be pre-ordered at least 24 hours beforehand.

Mott 32 takes its name from the first ever New York Chinese convenience store that opened in 1891 at number 32 Mott Street. It’s this link between the rapidly industrialization of New York, its contemporary architecture and the Chinese migrant population that paved the conceptual path for Wong and her design team to present the stylish Mott 32 and provide space for Chef Fung to tantalise our taste-buds with some remarkable pan-Chinese food.


The Test of Time

The first ever Chinese general store in New York was located at 32 Mott Street, from which the name Mott 32 was taken for the restaurant, and was a beacon of hope for the first wave of Chinese immigrants in 1891. Quong Yuen Shing, as the store was then called, stood for more than 100 years and played a great role in popularizing the Chinese culture in America. Inspired by this longstanding success, Mr. Fung intends to take traditional Chinese flavours and create new pairings and combinations that will continue to dazzle customers for a long time. 

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