Our movie list this issue sits us in the front row of our favourite theatre of all: the kitchen. Celebrate food through all the craft, the visuals, the hustle and bustle, the fire, as well as the drama.

Boiling Point (2021)

Directed by Philip Barantini and starring character actor Stephen Graham, this is probably the most underrated entry in this list. The British kitchen drama drew attention and critical acclaim for its attempt to present one of a restaurant’s busiest nights through a one-shot presentation. Dropping us straight into the blasting heat of complex service and emotions, Boiling Point is certainly worth checking out.  

The Menu (2022)

Taking a very different approach to other food or kitchen-related movies, The Menu amplifies the dark side of haute cuisine and serves us a chilling feast. It can be viewed as a critique on social class, as a mockery on the high-end food culture, or simply as a psychological thriller. Ralph Fiennes’ already delectable genre-bending, eerie genius chef and Anya-Taylor Joy’s usual rebelling blowout are a pleasure to watch.  

Chef (2014)

When your resume includes epic franchises such as Marvel, Disney and Star Wars, sometimes you just want to take a short break and tell a simple, grounded story. Jon Favreau (Elf, Iron Man, The Lion King, The Mandalorian) did everything: he wrote, direct, starred and cooked all by himself in this project. This is a warm movie about a high-end chef’s journey facing personal demons, rebuilding his love for cooking, and his relationship with his loved ones.  

Burnt (2015)

The prestigious, sophisticated and classy world of fine dining restaurants is told through the eyes of one obsessive chef with a vengeance. Bradley Cooper takes centre stage as a former culinary prodigy who tries to redeem his past sins and win the most coveted status of all: a Michelin star. Cooper conveys the megalomaniacal side perfectly, while the story shows the ruthlessness in an inspiring zero-to-hero fairy tale.

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

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