Situated on tranquil Jimbaran Bay, Sundara is an enticing dining and drinking destination offering the sophistication of a five-star resort, on top of the creative and flavourful modern cuisine inspired by Indonesian flavours and bounty. 

Swedish-born David Gavin, with his penchant for the Indonesian culinary scene, helms the kitchen as chef de cuisine. Keeping in mind the importance of using only the freshest ingredients that are in season, the culinary team rotates the menu regularly. Having said that, with David’s originality and inventiveness, ordering meals at Sundara will always be a delightfully delicious journey.

Our delectable evening at Sundara starts with a series of amuse bouche that include truffle mushroom choux and babi guling flavoured arancini. The roasted scallop makes a great appetiser, served with sweet corn purée and smoked baby corn, inspired by the all-time favourite Balinese beachside snack – jagung bakar (grilled sweetcorn). 

Chilled Foie Gras and Smoked Duck Breast

The chilled foie gras and smoked duck breast are served with tamarillo, red wine jus and cocoa nibs – a delicately lush show for the palate. Come the main spectacle, an exotic-looking traditional Balinese knife normally used to make offerings is proffered as cutlery for the short ribs dish. Even so, the coffee wood-smoked short ribs are so tender and luscious that you barely need a knife to cut them. 

After the turmeric citrus sorbet inspired by Indonesian jamu is served as a palate cleanser, Pastry Chef David Peduzzi is thrilled to introduce diners to the imaginative desserts, such as the soursop sorbet with soursop light, banana cream and caramelised peanut; and the self-explanatory All About Mango, and Texture of Cocoa – all too precious to pass on. 

Don’t leave yet as Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay’s Head Bartender Jan Jurecka is ready to make the drinking experience at Sundara as unforgettable as the dining. The newly launched cocktail menu is categorised by Bali’s most popular neighbourhoods, the characters of which are portrayed in the tipples. 

The crowd’s favourite is the Kelapa Negroni (also known as Wilson). The classic cocktail gets a tropical treatment with coconut fat-washed gin poured from a coconut shell with a badly drawn face – something like Wilson, the volleyball from the movie Cast Away, hence the name.

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

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