Sashimi Moriawase

at Grand Hyatt Bali

For an unforgettable Japanese culinary journey in Bali, head to Nampu, the Japanese restaurant at Grand Hyatt Bali in the manicured area of Nusa Dua. Mimicking the spacious hotel, the expansive restaurant deserves a nod of its own. Inspired by rustic Japanese country inns known as izakaya, Nampu showcases the charms of these beloved Japanese bars, only on a larger scale, complete with Japanese-style garden. Comprising a main dining area where you can find the fresh sushi bar, teppanyaki room and two private dining rooms, the restaurant has everything for everyone.

Led by Chef Shozo Yoshioka – better known as Chef Yoshi, Nampu offers a wide array of authentic Japanese delicacies, from a fresh sushi and sashimi selection and teppanyaki menu to rice bowls and noodle dishes. First and foremost, the sashimi moriawase is a must – the assorted sashimi bowl consists of six fresh fish including salmon, tuna, mackerel and more.

That said, you don’t want to miss other Japanese bites. The kushi yaki – grilled skewers – section is not to be missed, and we would suggest you choose the assorted yakitori moriawase to try a little bit of everything. Meanwhile, hearty dishes lie in the soup/steam section. The miso soup, chawan mushi, or osumashi makes a great choice to warm up the palate and soul. Check out the sumiyaki – charcoal grill – section for fulfilling options. The honetsuki grilled lamb chops, marinated with sake and served with sweet soybean paste is simply delicious.

Nampu always has monthly specials, so be sure to ask the team so that you don’t miss the seasonal dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, check with the chef if you can have an omakase – chef’s special – menu.


  • Sashimi moriawase
  • The sushi bar
  • Teppanyaki section

Grand Hyatt Bali ITDC Nusa Dua
Bali 80363, Indonesia
T: +62361771234

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