Nautilus Bar At Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Nautilus Bar At Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Located on the lobby level of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Nautilus Bar is inspired by Jakarta’s rich history as an important seaport and a global hub for the spice trade. Upon entering, guests are drawn to the striking mural of the city’s historic Sunda Kelapa port behind the bar. Offering a refined mood with a dimly lit atmosphere, Nautilus Bar flaunts masculine charm. Plush leather chairs adorned with the wavy pattern on the carpeting and hidden-away booths built inside handsomely accented millwork panelling, tie together perfectly with music from the live piano.

Nautilus Bar attracts discerning drinkers who want to explore the rich flavours of the spice islands through the finest handcrafted cocktails. Using Indonesian spices traded in the past, like nutmeg, galangal, cloves and lemongrass, combined with select spirits from around the world, the bar team create bespoke and well-executed cocktails, successfully accomplishing a celebration of Indonesian flavours in every drop.

Darren Defretes

“A perfect cocktail is dimensional in taste, balanced, simple but has character and is suitable for the occasion or time of day.”

Nautilus’ talented mixologists will guide your taste buds in the ultimate cocktail experience, so Exquisite Taste sidled up to the bar to meet Darren Defretes and chat about the bar’s signature cocktails. Darren’s favourite cocktail is the Nutmeg Old Fashioned, crafted using nutmeg-infused dark Caribbean rum, port and nutmeg tincture. “The sweetness is well balanced by the spicy nutmeg,” Darren explained. Not to be missed is the Pinisi, named for the famous Indonesian traditional ships, which is made from whisky combined with clove-infused Benedictine, green tea cordial, sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters for strong, complex flavours with a smooth and lingering finish.

Nautilus Bar also has a selection of cocktails that aren’t on the menu. Let Darren and his bartender buddies know what sort of drink you are looking for and they will concoct it. According to Darren, lemongrass-infused cocktails are the favourite drink among guests at Nautilus Bar. “These cocktails have a subtly sweet flavour that lingers on the palate. It’s not surprising these are popular since mostly Indonesians have a sweet but strong palate,” said Darren. Honoured as champion of the 2017 International Bartender Association Cocktail Competition in the Maldives and representing Indonesia at the Global Campari Cocktail Competition in Milan earlier this year, Darren also defined an ideal cocktail as one that is “dimensional in taste, balanced, simple but has character and is suitable for the occasion or time of day.”

If you are up for more delightful experiences and the stories behind the cocktails, head over to the Nautilus Take Over series, featuring international guest mixologists who take over Nautilus Bar and showcase their signature drinks. The mixologists behind the world’s best bars, such as 28 Hong Kong Street, Mace NYC, Manhattan Bar, Charles H and The Old Man, have participated in this series.


  • Maluku Punch
  • Nautilus negroni
  • Nutmeg Old Fashioned

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

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