Nick Honeyman on Culinary Challenges, Inspirations, and the Ubud Food Festival

Nick Honeyman on Culinary Challenges, Inspirations, and the Ubud Food Festival


Nick Honeyman, co-owner of Paris Butter and Le Petit Léon, and one of the distinguished chefs at Ubud Food Festival 2024, shares insights into the biggest challenges in the culinary industry, the impact of global travels on his cooking style, and his aspirations for the future. From addressing sustainability to fostering culinary education, Honeyman’s journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of gastronomy.

E: What is the biggest challenge you have encountered as a chef, and how do you overcome it?

A: As someone in the culinary industry, I feel there are many challenges. Currently, two main ones stand out. Firstly, sustainability is a massive hurdle we must address. Secondly, there’s the issue of the workforce, particularly the younger generation entering the industry. Regarding sustainability, many chefs, including myself, grew accustomed to gruelling 80-hour workweeks. However, transforming the industry to more sustainable practices, such as reducing work hours to a more balanced 35-hour week, is imperative. Additionally, balancing work in a restaurant, primarily during dinner hours, with family life is challenging. The younger generation also faces different aspirations compared to the past. Many are more transient, prioritising immediate gratification over long-term goals like homeownership, which has become increasingly difficult to attain globally. Moreover, the pervasive influence of social media adds pressure and unrealistic expectations. As industry professionals, we strive to inspire and make food and restaurants accessible while educating about global food trends.

E: How does your globe-trotting way influence the style of your cooking?

A: Absolutely. Every place I visit impacts my cooking style. Whether it’s a trip to Ubud or dining at establishments like Room4Dessert, each experience shapes my culinary perspective. Food serves as a universal language, constantly evolving and influencing my daily thoughts and creations.

E: How would you describe the style of your culinary creations at Paris Butter and Le Petit Léon?

A: I would describe our culinary creations as modern. While we employ classic techniques, our dishes are infused with influences from our travels, food memories and personal stories, resulting in a unique and contemporary dining experience.

E: What more culinary goals would you like to achieve?

A: At this point in my life, I feel content but am always eager to learn and evolve. I embrace change and aim to keep our menu dynamic, constantly introducing new ideas and inspirations gathered from my travels. For me, food is a playground, and I delight in discovering new techniques and flavours.

E: Tell us more about your involvement in this year’s Ubud Food Festival and your goals

A: I’m honoured to participate in this year’s Ubud Food Festival, where we’ll host a collaboration dinner, a master class and a panel discussion. My primary goal is to engage with the local community, immerse myself in Balinese culture, and absorb as much culinary knowledge as possible. Already, I’ve been captivated by the richness of Bali’s food culture and hope to contribute to its recognition as a prominent food destination, akin to New Zealand. Additionally, I believe that enhancing food education is crucial for fostering culinary appreciation and growth.

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