A Japanese Food Paradise at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta


Nishimura, located on the lower level of the grand Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta besides the ever-popular B.A.T.S., feels likes an old-school Japanese restaurant in the best possible way. After passing through the Zen rock garden-like foyer, you’ll head down a long corridor to find numerous specialised rooms to each side, starting with two dedicated teppanyaki rooms followed by an intimate sushi bar. In addition to the main dining room, there are three tatami rooms and two Western-style private rooms. Each space provides its own unique ambience in which to enjoy Nishimura’s extensive menu of Japanese specialities.

Coordinating the extensive menu and bustling kitchen is Japanese Chef Hideki Chomei. While he makes sure that all of the dishes on offer are of high-quality, Chef Hideki specialises in multi-course kaiseki meals utilising the season’s finest produce. Nishimura offers kaiseki meals ranging from the fusion course menu, featuring innovative, contemporary Japanese cuisine, to the Nishimura Superlative Gourmet Course Menu, which must be ordered a day in advance.

Even if you don’t go for the kaiseki, Nishimura’s wide ranging menu ensures you’ll find something to satisfy any Japanese craving you might have. The teppanyaki sets feature tender grilled slices of U.S. or Wagyu beef cooked alongside fresh prawns, salmon and scallops. The extensive sushi selection includes traditional varieties as well as popular fusion favourites like dragon rolls and broiled spicy salmon rolls.

Chef Hideki makes sure that everything is prepared to the highest standard but also presented beautifully. For sheer wow factor, it is hard to beat Nishimura’s tokusen moriawase, the deluxe sashimi platter served on a glass plate shaped like a leaf and laden with glittering slabs of pristine raw seafood including sake, ebi and toro. The centrepiece, though, is the lobster, and not just for its decorative qualities. The raw lobster meat is cut with a deft hand to make it easy to eat, sliced thinly to highlight its natural sweetness. Offering both delicious substance and gourmet style, Nishimura is a true pleasure for all the senses.


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