The Oak Room Jakarta, Whisky Bar

The Oak Room Jakarta, Whisky Bar

Situated in Jakarta’s most buzzing area of Senopati, The Oak Room is a hidden gem only for those in the know. From the outside, no signboard can be seen; there is only a massive black door and nothing else. The presence of this hush hush bar perfectly tells the story of a booming drinking culture in the capital city, where quality drinks are the main aim. To get in, patrons need a reservation, maintaining guest numbers each night. 

Inside this hidden bar, the wooden parquet floor, exposed brick accents, and wood panelling with bold geometric lines immediately give the room beyond the door a masculine character. The use of dark monotone colours and huge sofas, the majority of which are upholstered in green moss velvet and cobalt blue or black leather, add to the manly ambience. A white sofa can be found in a corner, as though to provide a special area for female guests.

The Oak Room appears to be the response to requests from whisky enthusiasts in Jakarta for a warm and welcoming whisky oasis where they can gather to enjoy premium whisky, as well as a place where customers can learn about and appreciate this sophisticated drink, particularly single malt and single cask whisky. There’s no real drinks list, the bartenders can easily whip up any drink that you desire. Although this is a whisky bar, the ladies can also enjoy superbly made gin- or vodka-based cocktails. Wine and cigars can be used as an alternative to or in addition to drinking rituals. Patrons at this establishment are in general of the finer things in life.
Top 3 Tipples

  • The Dalton
  • Rhythm Room
  • Piña Kahuna

 The Oak Room Jakarta, Whisky Bar

LDS Building

Jalan Suryo, Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta 12180, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2127093999

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