Chāo Cháo

Chāo Cháo

Located in the heart of Jakarta’s business district, Chāo Cháo is a stylish Chinese eatery that serves world-class flavours. Situated on the top floor of Alila SCBD Jakarta, Chāo Cháo offers guests a comfortable contemporary Asian lounge surrounded by the city’s skyscrapers. 

More than just a great place to enjoy tasty Chinese dishes, Chāo Cháo believes that drinking is an integral part of, and plays a pivotal role in, a memorable dining experience, therefore, this eatery takes in consideration all the senses when crafting its drinks. 

At the best of its mixology programme is Chinese heritage, sourcing inspiration from traditional spices and cuisines all the way to landscape, environment and climate. Many of its creations are derived from world-renowned classics infused with Chāo Cháo signature inventiveness. 

The playful creativity of the mixology extends into unique presentations, such as the beautiful mini garden inside the chiller bowl of the glass of the Prosperity cocktail, or Chinese Smoky Negroni smoked with apple wood chips nestled atop a glass dome for a delicious and dramatic effect. 

To sugarcoat the experience, guests can sample the Yunnan Martini, a refreshing gin and aloe vera martini poured over a fluffy pandan cotton candy, or enjoy the Rose-berry Martini, a vodka-based sweet and alluring digestif cocktail with hints of tangy raspberry and sweet summer-berry-tea clarified punch served with white chocolate lace holding a macaroon. 

All culinary activations at Chāo Cháo are accompanied by a mixology note that keeps the team in a creative mindset and excited to please patrons with new intricate flavour combinations and techniques such as clarification, infusion and home-made ingredients. And if you’re looking for after- work drinks with a view, the daily Reset menu features five specialty cocktails that are only available between 4pm and 6pm. 

Top 3 Tipples

  • Yunnan Martini
  • Smoky Chinese Negroni
  • Prosperity


Alila SCBD Jakarta

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8119628001