Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Seared 9+ Black ANGUS-WAGYU Beef Steak

at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

For lovers of Chinese cuisine, Pearl Chinese Restaurant is the place to go for a unique modern twist on Chinese food. Located at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Pearl Chinese Restaurant is a favourite amongst frequent business travellers staying at the hotel, as well as Jakarta’s discerning gourmands.

Towards the end of September 2017, Pearl Chinese Restaurant underwent a facelift as well as a revamp of its menu. The main colours of the newly renovated 2nd floor space are red and gold, both traditional colours that the Chinese people associate with fortune, festivities and happiness. Boasting intricately carved wooden partitions and whorls of elegantly embroidered velvety carpet, the newly renovated restaurant is elegant and delightfully understated, mirroring the smattering of culinary masterpieces dreamt up by JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta’s Executive Chinese Chef Ken Choy. A veteran with 25 years of experience working in world-class establishments across the world under his belt, Chef Choy heads the food program for Pearl Chinese Restaurant.

Caramelised Wild Salmon

Visitors can enjoy mouth-watering culinary creations with a flair for modern interpretation that showcase the influences of the Cantonese and Szechuan styles. The marriage between traditional ingredients and more unorthodox ones is an approach that guests to the restaurant can happily look forward to. Dishes to savour include seared grade 9+ Black Angus-Wagyu beef cubes sautéed with shallots, which impart earthy and aromatic tones to the succulent meat, as well as pan-seared wild salmon medallions served with sweet caramelised soy sauce.

The new dishes to celebrate the re-opening of Pearl Chinese Restaurant include the bite-sized mango prawn ball – a dainty, flavour-packed parcel of sweet and salty goodness, perfect for sharing amongst good company. A crowd favourite is the king prawn with black cod. The presentation is exquisite, with crisp perfectly deep-fried succulent prawn tails accompanying black cod fillets lacquered with umami sticky golden sauce. Another dish that comes highly recommended is the foie gras with black cod and eggplant in a claypot. First-time guests might have reservations regarding the pairing, yet the rich foie gras matches beautifully with the mild clean taste of the cod and is rounded off by the luscious chunks of wonderfully stewed eggplant.

Whether one is looking for an exciting culinary adventure or a warm comforting slice of Chinese classics, there is something for everyone at Pearl Chinese Restaurant.

Pearl Chinese Restaurant

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Jalan Dr.Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung No.1,

Jakarta, 12950, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2157988888

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