Pleasure To Meat You

Pleasure To Meat You


Sit down, leave the meat to the experts, and enjoy the scrumptious smoky spread at Meatsmith. By Runi Indrani

Upon its opening in Jakarta, Meatsmith created quite the buzz around the town, and it’s not hard to see why. The restaurant is actually the fourth Meatsmith branch, after the success of its flagship outlet in Singapore. The brand was born out of the Burnt Ends Hospitality Group – yes, from Michelin-star restaurant Burnt Ends and Chef-Owner Dave Pynt fame.

Evident from the moniker, the Meatsmith brand comprises skilled talents who know how to handle meat through the fiery art of char, smoke and grill. Long-time fans of the brand will be delighted to find most of Meatsmith’s signature dishes at the Jakarta restaurant and should be even more thrilled to see new specials.


Starters kick off with a bang, with choices like the smoked Scotch quail eggs and beef brisket chilli cheese nachos. By using quail eggs, the dish serves as a lighter, more appropriately sized, take on the classic Scotch egg. Meanwhile, the generous sprinkle of pulled beef brisket on top of the nachos amps up the all-time favourite comfort snack.

While meat is the star here, an ensemble cast of curated ingredients deserves a stage of their own. The fried Brussel sprouts with anchovy dressing add a vibrant taste and texture to the whole feast and don’t forget the smashed fried potatoes with roast garlic and southern rub with a crispy outside and lush, warm inside.


On to the big boys of Meatsmith, the must-try gang consists of the 14-hour smoked beef brisket, the 300g 150-day grain-fed Australian black Angus, the dry-aged USDA prime porterhouse or tomahawk, and more. That being said, Meatsmith is all about a great time with great people over great food, that’s why the only way to go is to go big.

By going big, we mean to opt for one of the three platters: Meat Platter, Premium Platter, or Mother of all Platters. Take the Premium Platter, for example, don’t believe the “for two persons” disclaimer on the menu, as it serves a bountiful portion that can feed more than two persons. Comprising the aforementioned Scotch quail eggs, salmon tataki taco, grilled lobsters, beef brisket spring rolls, jerk chicken chop, striploin, beef short ribs, and of course, beef brisket.

Forget the usual vegetable-filled chunky rolls, at Meatsmith, the spring rolls are filled with pulled beef brisket with a sweet quality from the marmalade – the BBQ aioli adds a complementary touch. The jerk chicken steals the spotlight, well-cooked but still juicy, with intriguing flavours of a pungent rub balanced with refreshing mango salsa.

The smoked brisket is a no-frill star, served as it is, perfectly smoked. However, for a sweet twist, the dish is accompanied by smoked sweet potato puree – a pairing we never knew we needed. The short ribs fall off the bone and melt in your mouth, enough said.

With a dedicated wine cellar, three private dining areas, and an inviting bar, all on the second storey, Meatsmith is not meant for the quickie meal time. Take your time to enjoy every delicacy the restaurant has to offer, including the well-crafted classic cocktails like the Cherry Manhattan, and just create more buzz and memories. Should you find yourself short on time, Meatsmith Express is available downstairs, with a semi-open-air setting, more casual feel, and lighter menu for takeaway or delivery.  

Jalan Gunawarman No.17, Kel. Selong, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12110
T: (+62) 81197602000


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