Proudly Made in Bali

Proudly Made in Bali

Introducing East Indies Gin, Indonesia’s first award-winning distilled craft gin that highlights the exotic spices of the archipelago to become a sippable libation. 

Founded and created by Spice Islands Distilling Co., East Indies Gin was inspired by Indonesia’s bountiful exotic botanicals. Seeing how emerging craft gins were booming around the world, the most-awarded distillery in Indonesia decided to launch its small-batch gin, East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin in November 2021.

Based in Bali, Spice Islands Distilling Co. is Indonesia’s first authentic craft distillery. The company’s vision is to raise Indonesian spirits by making world-class spirits in Indonesia, showcasing the truly staggering array of botanicals and flavours Indonesia has to offer.

At the heart of the distillery is Gede,
a 550-litre copper still made by the German company Carl, who have been making stills by hand for more than 150 years. Under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Mitch Hayhow, East Indies Archipelago Dry gin is made by carefully balancing a myriad of exotic botanicals, including kecombrang (aka torch ginger flower), Andaliman pepper, lemon basil and the highest quality Macedonian juniper. The macerated botanicals are heated in the still causing the alcohol and infused botanicals oils and flavours to evaporate. The spirit then passes through a process of column distillation, which further concentrates the liquid to make the smoothest gin possible before the final distillate is diluted and bottled.

Staying true to its mission, Spice Islands Distilling Co. has recently launched a new archipelago-inspired flavour with East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin. Using the king of citrus, the Bali pomelo, the new gin is distilled with fresh Bedugul strawberries and other common gin botanicals, such as juniper berries, coriander and angelica root. The result is a dry gin with a refreshing aroma of freshly cut pomelo and grapefruit. On the palate, this dry pink gin is perfect to enjoy over ice or with a splash of tonic. 

Paying homage to the history of the Spice Trade, both variants of the superbly crafted East Indies Gin are now available in major premium retailers in Jakarta and Bali.  

Spice Islands Distilling Co.

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