The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge at Padma Resort Ubud

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge at Padma Resort Ubud

Timbungan dish

It takes quite a drive to reach The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge, but when you get there, it’s more than worth it. Being nestled on the top floor of Padma Resort Ubud allows The Puhu to have an elevated 180-degree view of the lush greenery surrounding the resort. The vista is to-die-for, but it’s not even the best part.

Chef Ketut Sumerta travelled the world honing his skills before coming back to his hometown of Puhu village in Bali and helming the Puhu kitchen. From his culinary journey, he has brought back a variety of flavours to The Puhu menu, and every dish served is prepared meticulously, merging a classic recipe – international or local – with contemporary artistic touches to keep it relevant.

Here you can find international dishes like Indian-flavoured grilled chicken with yellow rice and poached Norwegian salmon in special Chef CK oil and lemon beurre blanc, or Indonesian specialties like Sumatran-style braised lamb shank with yellow coconut rice and cassava leaf curry and Sundanese-style grilled lamb chop in black nut sauce.

“Fusion cuisine, in my opinion, is coming up with my own idea and inspiration without breaking the base of the cooking origin itself. I’ve created a lot of fusion dishes to bring colours into The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge’s culinary selection – not only from the appearance, but also the taste. We have a wide selection of fusion dishes here, including Western, Asian and Balinese. As a Balinese chef, I always add a Balinese touch to my dishes, even in the fine-dining array,” says Ketut.

At The Puhu, diners can discover traditional Balinese flavours prepared with a modern technique and presented in a contemporary way. One of the outstanding highlights is Ketut’s timbungan dish, comprising braised beef cheek cooked traditionally in bamboo, served with banana shoot fondant, wild ginger-infused chicken liver terrine, lima bean sprouts and fern shoot salad.

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge

Padma Resort Ubud

Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu, Payangan, Ubud

Bali 80572, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3613011111

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