Pullman Jakarta Central Park Launch Its Mooncake Collection

Pullman Jakarta Central Park Launch Its Mooncake Collection

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the hotel’s premium mooncakes.

Pullman Jakarta Central Park invites you to partake in the Mid-Autumn Festival—a time-honored tradition celebrating family bonds and the allure of mooncakes.

This year, the hotel presents a meticulously handcrafted mooncake collection with two delightful varieties: Traditional Baked and Premium Snow Skin.

Both collections come with four excellent filling selections. From the classic combination Lotus Seed Salted Egg Yolk, the fragrant and sweet Pandan Pineapple, the harmonious blend of crunchy Red Bean Almond Nut, and the daring fusion in the Mung Bean Durian.

Embrace elegance and togetherness, and share these exquisite mooncakes with loved ones as you celebrate the bonds of the family under the luminous moon, keeping the tradition alive in a modern and sophisticated way.

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