Using the same innovative approach taken by Ferran Adria of the Michelin-starred El Bulli in Spain, Quinary combines science with its cocktails to understand why certain aromas, flavours and textures work together. Helmed by award-winning mixologist Antonio Lai, Quinary is a multi-sensory cocktail bar that is ready to engage your mind and your taste buds.

Known as the expert of molecular mixology, Antonio showcases his lab inside the bar for guests to see. For instance, a rotary evaporator redistills Quinary’s lavender gin for the Lavender Meringue Pie, while the centrifuge is responsible for creating a clear and crisp flavour of freshly squeezed juices, like the grapefruit juice for the Crystal 10 cocktail.

Quinary Sour

Voted one of the World’s 50 Best Bars for five consecutive years, Quinary has successfully experimented with a combination of flavours and textures that challenges every preconception held about cocktails with the Earl Grey Caviar Martini being a long-standing favourite spotted on almost all the tables in the bar.

To uphold the multi-sensory experience, Antonio entrusted Samuel Kwok as Quinary’s bar manager. Crowned champion at World Class Hong Kong & Macau in 2017, Samuel is renowned for creating classically inspired cocktails with unusual ingredients, like Miss Rosa Fizz, one of the best-sellers at Quinary. Mixing sweet and sour, the drink is made using Cointreau, citrus vodka, elderflower syrup and topped with earl grey tea caviar and earl grey tea air.

For something a little bit exotic, the Oolong Tea Collins is a perfect marriage between east and west. The refreshing tipple is made from homemade oolong tea with black plums, haw flakes, osmanthus, vodka and soda water.


  • Quinary Sour
  • Earl Grey Caviar Martini


56-58 Hollywood Road Central

Hong Kong

T: (+852) 28513223

E: info@quinary.hk


Exquisite Taste September – November 2019