Raffles Jakarta

Raffles Jakarta

Ayam Bakar Klaten

Surprise your family and friends with The Gift of Buka Puasa, an indulgent fast-breaking feast from Raffles Jakarta prepared by the hotel’s talented culinary team to the highest standards to bring joy to the fasting month.

The Muslim fasting month is a highly social time for Indonesians, when people gather with large groups of friends, family and colleagues to break the fast over tempting tajil snacks and feasts of favourite Ramadan dishes.

This year, the current situation means that the social side of the fasting month is more challenging. However, in uncertain times, you can rely on Raffles to provide cheer and reassurance. Pamper and surprise your loved ones, colleagues and business partners with the hotel’s The Gift of Buka Puasa, a luxurious celebratory meal packed with traditional favourites of the very highest quality, delivered to the door, along with a personalised greeting card.

Available as an à la carte menu, as well as in various set menus for one, four or six people, the talented Raffles culinary team has prepared all the classic Indonesian dishes that are associated with this time, from appetizers, soups and main courses to the essential condiments, like crackers, lalapan and sambal.

Ikan Bakar Sambal Matah

Enjoy dates, kolak and fritters for tajil, followed by dishes like rendang, empal goreng, ikan bakar sambal matah, tumis buncis ikan asin and jajan pasar and es kopyor for dessert. International favourites are also available.

Orders can be made by phone or WhatsApp on (+62) 8558155888. For same-day delivery, orders must be placed by 11am. Delivery is available from the hotel for up to 10km within Jakarta; orders over IDR250,000 receive free delivery. Discounts are available when paying with credit cards from certain banks. Orders can also be made on popular delivery apps.

Raffles Jakarta

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