A Recently Discovered Take on Sustainability

A Recently Discovered Take on Sustainability

With a theme surrounding the traditional Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, TELU lives as home to an innovative take on sustainability to nature, people and their soul.

by Simon Maclean

Coral Guardian

Located at the heart of Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, and nestled in a hidden aromatic herb garden in the centre of the oceanfront all-villa resort, the new cocktail bar TELU is a celebration of modern mixology rooted in a soulful connection to Bali’s heritage. Expanding on the passion for sustainability and community engagement that lies at the heart of Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, the rustic-chic venue does its service to the environment and people. TELU offers an elevated and inspiring experience crafted with conscious care for the island and its resources. 

Rustic décor, local artwork and soft lighting make for a warm, feel-good ambience in TELU’s intimate setting, with the bar counter seating for up to eight people, alongside six tables and an atmospheric arak cellar. Sustainably produced features are prominent throughout the renowned location, from the bar counter to display and the bar lamps, with the bar stools made by local craftsmen. 

Bar Manager Jan Jurecka has crafted an intensive drink menu that caters to all and supports the resort’s zero-waste approach, with over 80 percent of the menu’s ingredients being homegrown or sourced within Indonesia, including honey from the resort’s own trigona beehives carrying fragrant flavours. One highlight of the drink menu is the Unusual Suspects, which features ecoSPIRITS vodka, Cascara, coffee grinds, honey nectar and cocoa nibs for a dazzling take on an Espresso Martini that honours harmonious community connections. For something that feels like Bali, Indonesian ingredients take centre stage when guests try anything containing Bali’s beloved arak, a traditional spirit made from the fermented sap of coconut trees.


Complementing the drinks menu, a mouth-watering selection of artistically made epicurean bites highlights the unique flavours of Bali. Choose between the Bali Tacos with whipped tofu, avocado, snake fruit and lawah; the chicken crisps made with shredded chicken, crispy skin, and local sambal; and the Jimbaran clam dip served with wood-fired sourdough bread, chorizo, and garden herb butter. Everything goes with anything on this one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly and locally rewarded menu.

TELU commemorates harmony with nature, people and soul as the basis for wellbeing and prosperity. TELU continues to thrive for environmental sustainability, supporting Four Seasons Resort Bali’s commitment to waste management and local communities. All resort staff display incredible teamwork – from food and beverage to engineering – to create an exceptional open-air, dedicated space made from 100 percent repurposed and upcycled materials.  

The Cocktails: Down to Earth

Awaken your senses with this light, silky smooth concoction – an earthy and floral fusion with a fragrant fruity punch.

Down to Earth


  50ml East Indies Archipelago Gin

  20ml Bali honey

  30ml passionfruit pure

  10ml guava juice

  15ml lime juice

  0.5g spirulina powder

  0.5g matcha powder

  20ml coconut milk


  Combine all ingredients in the mixing glass except the coconut milk and whisk well to incorporate.

  Slowly pour the milk in the mixture and gently stir.

  Let sit in the fridge for 2 hours until the curds are visible.

  Strain through the fine cloth or coffee filter to clarify the liquid.

  Stir down with ice and strain into the rock glass with the fresh ice block.

  Garnish with the sprinkle of matcha and spirulina powder on top of the ice.


Exquisite Taste Volume 40


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