New Iron Kitchen in Town

New Iron Kitchen in Town

The Langham, Jakarta brings another world-renowned gastronomic icon,
a colourful addition to the hotel and the city’s gastronomic experiences.

by Rizki Pradana

Seafood Toban-Yaki Bouillabaisse

There were delightful celebrations as The Langham, Jakarta unveiled the highly anticipated arrival of the world-renowned Morimoto restaurant to the city. Morimoto Jakarta introduced upscale Japanese cuisine with an exquisite dining experience. Situated on the 63rd floor, this culinary gem represents a thrilling addition to Jakarta’s vibrant dining scene, offering innovative cuisine and exceptional service.

Stepping into Morimoto means being captivated by its spacious and beautifully decorated interior. Designed to accommodate up to 99 guests, the restaurant also features a private dining room with a capacity for 16, providing an intimate setting for special occasions. The restaurant promises to redefine Jakarta’s culinary landscape, presenting contemporary flavours of Japanese cuisine and showcasing a unique culinary perspective.

The elemental fusion of design at Morimoto reflects the restaurant’s commitment to crafting a perfect dining experience. Japanese symbolism and contemporary craftsmanship seamlessly blend to create a modern crest, featuring two carp fish symbolising courage and determination, and the rising sun representing renewal. Meanwhile, patterns of Asanoha (hemp leaves) and Yagasuri/Yabane (arrows) embody growth, prosperity and determination. Adorning the tables are six designs inspired by classic haiku calligraphy, promoting simplicity and the connection between mind and body. Here, tradition meets innovation and Japanese culture is celebrated in a fresh and exciting way.

Toro Tartare

Guests can anticipate an innovative and diverse menu that showcases the best of Japanese cuisine complemented by unique Indonesian flavours and ingredients. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and inventive flavours, the menu offers a wide range of dishes, from small plates to seasonal specialties. Helmed by the esteemed Chef Masaharu Morimoto himself, renowned for his remarkable performances on the esteemed TV show Iron Chef in both Japanese and American versions, Morimoto Jakarta is poised to elevate the culinary perspective in the city. With over 20 years of experience, Chef Morimoto’s expertise promises to bring adventurous and sophisticated flavours to diners, taking them on a fascinating culinary journey.

Among the signature dishes that will adorn the tables of Morimoto Jakarta, guests can savour toro tartare, featuring nori, sour cream, wasabi and tuna belly in dashi soy. The tuna pizza tantalises with its anchovy aioli, kalamata olives, red onion and jalapeno. For a truly interactive experience, indulge in the Ishi Yaki Buri-Bap, where yellowtail on rice is cooked table-side on a hot stone. The soy-braised black cod, with its ginger soy reduction and Tokyo scallion, offers a harmonious blend of flavours. For the ultimate indulgence, the A5 Ishiyaki presents Japanese A5 wagyu beef served with three signature sauces.

Masaharu Morimoto

The menu caters to a variety of taste, encouraging guests to explore and embrace new culinary adventures. From the all-time favourites to the chef’s innovative creations, dining at Morimoto Jakarta promises an exceptional and memorable experience. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey at Morimoto Jakarta, where the convergence of Japanese and Indonesian flavours, impeccable craftsmanship and the culinary genius of Chef Masaharu Morimoto will leave a lasting impression on Jakarta’s discerning food enthusiasts.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 40

Morimoto Jakarta

The Langham, Jakarta

District 8, SCBD

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8111589889



IG: @morimotojakarta