Refined Urban Bites

Refined Urban Bites

Brie with Wasabi

Neon Pigeon offers the vibrant dynamics often found in the biggest cities in the world, in terms of ambience and flavours, right here in Singapore.

In the ever-vibrant city of Singapore, the petite gem that goes by the name Neon Pigeon has become one of the favourite destinations among foodies and urbanites alike. Described as a modern urban izakaya, Neon Pigeon personifies a modern dining and drinking social house that’s been tweaked a notch cooler with its underground vibes. The moniker itself is inspired by Tokyo, which is often dubbed the neon city and pigeon as the constant citizen of any urban setting.

The Japanese influence continues in the inspired menu at Neon Pigeon, courtesy of Head Chef Justin Hammond and Chef de Cuisine Dennis Smit as they showcase an array of international dishes with Japanese touches. Exquisite delicacies like baby scallops with tomato-seed ponzu, Japanese plum and tobiko, herb-crusted tuna tataki with pea purée, crispy glass noodles and shoyu and tamari-cured seabram sashimi with green apple, yuzu kosho and tempura seaweed are the house favourites.

Pan-Roasted Swordfish Belly

The seafood menu comprises Japanese crab cakes with avocado, wasabi and red sorrel, roasted tiger prawns with buckwheat soba, mountain yam and ohba leaf, octopus leg with black vinegar, garlic purée and soft herbs, and pan-roasted swordfish belly with pearl barley, shio kombu, daikon and ginger soy – a stellar selection for the seafood enthusiasts.

Just late last year – after six new and refreshed menus over the course of approximately three years, Neon Pigeon launched its first Bar Bites Menu to be enjoyed in the revamped bar and drinking area, comprising modern spins on bar bites from all over the world with a Japanese influence. The culinary team makes a play of Louisiana’s signature dish of shrimp and pork chop, enhanced by an Asian touch of a spicy miso paste on a fluffy bun in the Tonkatsu Po Boy. Combining creamy and crunchy textures, it’s no surprise this dish is a massive hit among diners.

Other dishes that seamlessly combine Asian and western influences include the brie with wasabi on tempura seaweed and croquettes with cauliflower and bacon. The latter hits close to Chef Dennis’ home country of Holland, but served with sour sushi vinegar on the side as a palate cleanser. In addition, Neon Pigeon has also introduced 12 new sakes and six craft beers, perfect to accompany the delectable bar bites.

“We have been playing with the idea of a Bar Bites Menu for the longest time. We wanted to provide our guests with satisfying food they could eat while having drinks at the bar. Being one of the many restaurants in the hip Keong Saik enclave, we want to continually offer new experiences that stay true to Neon Pigeon’s distinctive style and provide more opportunities for guests to enjoy what we do here,” mused Chef Dennis. “Working with Head Chef Justin Hammond, we came up with our first Bar Bites Menu, which we hope regulars and newcomers alike will enjoy at all times of the night.”

Neon Pigeon
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