A Taste of Australia in Singapore

A Taste of Australia in Singapore

Stracciatella cheese, tomato, kombu, shellfish oil

Restaurant and bar Blackwattle serves up bold flavours and a no-fuss approach that make it the latest “it” dining destination in Singapore.

After the success of Automata in Sydney, award-winning Australian Chef Clayton Wells has introduced his venture to Singapore, under the name Blackwattle.

The restaurant and bar is intimate in size and ambience, with a capacity of approximately 60 guests, it’s designed to bring Clayton’s vision of elevated comfort dining to life. A raw industrial aesthetic has been chosen as the main idea behind the design, incorporating a no-fuss, no-clutter philosophy and unassuming natural and unmasked local materials. The focal point is the cheeky aircraft chandelier from The Rag & Bone Man store in London and soft bottle-green leather banquettes.

Seasonal Menu

The real star is, of course, the menu. Helmed by Head Chef Joeri Timmermans – who has worked at Automata and several Michelin-starred restaurants like Parkheuvel and Beluga before, Blackwattle is open for lunch and dinner, serving contemporary Australian-influenced three- and five-course menus, in addition to the à la carte options. The fare on offer here portrays Clayton’s globe-trotting experience, evident from the unique and quality ingredients used and the fuss-free bold flavours as a result.

One of the crowd favourites at Blackwattle is the stratccitella cheese, with tomato, kombu and shellfish oil. That said, the rest of the menu can’t be overlooked! Some of the dishes here pay homage to Automata’s bold style of cooking that transcends geographical boundaries, like the grilled beef short rib with carrot and kelp purée and dill pickled cucumber, pumpkin seed sorbet with burnt meringue and freeze-dried plum, charred octopus with fennel, squid ink, XO and red vinegar, and fried cheese tapioca with espelette pepper.

Clayton Wells

The big bites aren’t the only ones that are decadently delicious at Blackwattle, as it also serves bar snacks to accompany the long list of beverages. The restaurant and bar offer quite an array of spirits, wines, beers, ciders and sakes. Furthermore, a short and concise cocktail list featuring alcoholic and non-alcoholic options is also available. Consult the team anytime to figure out which concoction would best suit you. The same thing goes for the food menu, feel free to let the kitchen team know your dietary requirements to have an unforgettable dining experience. Reservations are essential!



  • 250g yabbies
  • 5l water
  • 3g black peppercorns
  • 5g coriander seeds
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1kg carrots
  • 1kg fennel
  • 1kg brown onions
  • 1kg garlic
  • 1 bunch celery
  • 2tbs oil

Green dipping sauce

  • 100g mint
  • 100g basil
  • 100g parsley
  • 10g dijon mustard
  • 10g anchovies
  • 10g capers in brine
  • 100g ice
  • 2 poached eggs
  • 500ml oil


  1. Clean and wash all vegetables, medium dice, keep separate.
  2. Heat oil on medium high in a saucepan. Add carrots, fennel, brown onions and celery, sweat the vegetables until soft.
  3. Add all other ingredients except for the yabbies, bring to the boil and steep for 45 minutes.
  4. Strain the mixture and bring back to the boil then cook the yabbies for 30 seconds before placing them into an ice bath.
  5. Once the yabbies are cold, clean tail and remove shell. Keep the head and claws on. Put on kitchen paper and set aside.

Green dipping sauce

  1. Pick and blanch the herbs.
  2. Put everything except for the oil in a blender, blend quickly on medium high speed, while slowly adding oil. Do not blend for too long or the purée will get warm and turn brown.
  3. Strain the sauce over an ice bath by placing a bowl on top of a bowl of ice to keep the sauce cool. Season with salt and lemon juice.

97 Amoy Street
Singapore 069917
T: (+65) 62242232
E: info@blackwattle.com.sg