Nestled between the wild paradise of the jungle and soaring limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, Savâya delivers a transformative experience for all visitors. The day club has been meticulously planned to maximise the scenic vista of the Indian Oceans, which can be enjoyed from the venue’s iconic overlook referred as The Cube.

Designed by two internationally renowned architectural powerhouses: WOHA and Rockwell Group, Savâya’s combination of natural and refined luxury rewards its guests with an awakening of their senses and spirit. Enjoy Savâya’s exclusive bungalows with private plunge pools and VIP cabanas, tucked right behind the DJ booth for next-level luxury and insider access.

Enjoy the bespoke five-star service and luxury entertainment for which Savâya is famous sun beds and more casual lounge area. The Cube is the cinematic pièce de résistance: a tower of shimmering silver which comes to light after dark with lights blasting up the horizon, creating unforgettable sunset hands-in-the-air memories of perfect island days.

Savâya’s aspiring head bartender, Feriyono, has been the venue’s cocktail creator since its opening. Born in East Java, he went to STP Bali to study and follow his passion in mixology and flare bartending. Attending various competitions since 2016, he won second place at the PBA National Mixology Competition by PNI Bar Academy and won the Jameson Irish Coffee virtual competition in 2021.

One of Feriyono’s creations, Red Pearl, has been Savâya’s bestselling cocktail since 2021. Renowned for its fresh taste, it matches perfectly with Savâya’s splendid atmosphere. The drink consists of a precise blend of vodka, martini bianco, raspberry, elderflower syrup, lemon juice and tonic water. Another one, Rummy Passion, is a mandatory tropical drink with Balinese natural spirit as the main base, combined with light rum and passion fruit syrup to elevate the fruity flavour. It is a perfect all-day drink during a warm summer day. 

Top 3 Tipples

  • Red Pearl
  • Rummy Passion
  • Pink Partner


Jl. Belimbing Sari,
Banjar Tambiyak,
Desa Pecatu,
Uluwatu Bali 80364,

T: +623618482150