Sunset Cabana Bar at Alila VIllas Uluwatu

Sunset Cabana Bar at Alila VIllas Uluwatu


Perched on the cliff edge in Uluwatu, with a majestic ocean view, the sound of undulating waves crashing below and breath-taking sunsets, Sunset Cabana Bar elevates the art of drinking with a fresh collection of imaginative cocktails and an immaculate tropical vibe.

Speaking of his favourite signature creations, Sunset Cabana Bar’s Head Mixologist, Putu Wirawan shares his source of inspiration. “On my first day at Alila Villas Uluwatu, I spent almost four hours just sitting at Sunset Cabana Bar, taking in the magical view, imagining myself on the deck of a boat, sailing away on an unexpected journey and grateful to be blessed by the richness of Balinese and Indonesian culture. These were my inspirations,” he explained. 

The result of that dedication is truly amazing. Wirawan created an array of perfect signature cocktails to be enjoyed at sundown. Some of the cocktails represent the beauty of nature surrounding the bar’s vicinity, and others pay deep homage to Bali’s timeless culture and island traditions. One of the cocktails, Shiki Monki, was created to respect Uluwatu’s natural ecosystem that seamlessly exists side-by-side with local wildlife, including monkeys.

Inspired by rich culture and ceremonies at the heart of Balinese people’s daily life, Wirawan created Sasih Kenanga; a cocktail inspired by the ritual that takes place in Bali right before Nyepi, or Silent Day, when Hindus at all levels of society and in every household perform the Bhuta Yadnya and make a type of offering called caru. Then, to celebrate the uniqueness and authenticity of Bali, while maintaining the focus on sustainability, some of the bar’s signature cocktails are also made using as much local organic fruit as possible, namely salacca in Alas Salacca, soursop in White Noise, and local coffee beans from five different regions of West Indonesia in Westpresson Martini.

“We want to create a multisensory drinking experience for our guests where all senses will be spoiled,” said Hemal Jain, the General Manager of Alila Villas Uluwatu. “This is reflected with drinks that have been uniquely crafted by Wirawan and presented in creative ways. Prepare to be surprised.” 

Top 3 Tipples

  • Shiki Monki
  • Sasih Kenanga
  • Alas Salacca

Sunset Cabana Bar at Alila Villas Uluwatu

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