Shu Cuisine & Bar

Shu Cuisine & Bar

Chilli Sauce Grouper Soup

“Love from Sichuan” is the ethos that drives Shu Cuisine & Bar, where every dish and drink is an expression of passion and dedication to authentic Sichuan cuisine. The elusive extension of famed Chengdu hotpot restaurant Shu Guo Yin Xiang offers a tantalising array of high-quality dishes and signature cocktails that promise to transport you to the heart of Sichuan province.

At the heart of Shu’s menu is the renowned Mala seasoning, a hallmark of Sichuan cuisine known for its bold and spicy flavours. Every ingredient used in Mala dishes is meticulously sourced from China, ensuring authenticity and quality in every bite. Overseen by the skilled Shifu Li Zheng, the extraction and processing of these ingredients guarantee an unparalleled dining experience that stays true to tradition.

Seafood aficionados will delight in the fresh live fish, expertly prepared with three distinct cooking methods and infused with mouthwatering Mala spices. Each bite promises to deliver the unmistakable sensation of authentic Sichuan cuisine, leaving you craving for more. The culinary adventure doesn’t end there. The menu boasts a selection of carefully curated dishes, from the succulent steamed grouper with season hot chilli sauce to the fiery Sichuan Mala fried chicken chilli sauce. 

To complement your meal, indulge in the line-up of signature cocktails, expertly crafted by Shu’s talented bar team. From the citrus-infused Romance of the Three Kingdoms to the refreshing Lost Horizon of Shangri-La, each cocktail is a journey in itself, designed to perfectly balance the bold flavours of Sichuan cuisine. As you sip on your cocktail, take a moment to soak in the serene view overlooking the vibrant Thamrin area. Whether you’re unwinding after work or catching up with friends and family, Shu Cuisine & Bar offers the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 43

Shu Cuisine & Bar

Plaza Indonesia

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81367002088


IG: @shucuisine_official

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