Sopra Ristorante

Sopra Ristorante

The finest Italian dining experience in a classy restaurant.


Sopra Ristorante, a chic and elegant restaurant that is delighted to spoil its diners with its genuine Italian cuisine, is opening two outlets in Jakarta. One outlet is in Pacific Place mall and the second is located in another upscale mall, Pondok Indah mall.

The Italian cuisine served at Sopra Ristorante is created by Chef Pierluigi Calisai himself, the restaurant’s resident chef who has been making his own pizzas since he was 12 years old. Chef Pierluigi’s creativity and commitment to presenting the best real Italian cuisine to each guest are what make Sopra Ristorante different.
The first dish I tried during my lovely afternoon visit was the Premium Pizza: The King. As the name suggests, the pizza indeed was premium, it was different from standard pizzas. With fresh mozzarella, cream, prawns, salmon, caviar and gamberetti as the ingredients, the premium pizza tasted exquisite! It was literally creamy, crispy, thin and light—the real original Italian pizza! One slice was actually not enough for me, but I was delighted to try other dishes served at the restaurant.

After the amazing pizza, I tried Gnocchi Norvegese, a combination of Norwegian salmon, asparagus and cream, which I thought was an excellent combination. The dish, which is one of the restaurant’s specialties, is a perfect choice for those who prefer an Italian dish served in moderate portions.


One of the restaurant’s most popular and favourite dishes is the Spaghetti King Prawn, which is the third dish I tried. I admired the beautiful presentation of the spaghetti, and the flavour was just as tantalizing as the first two dishes I enjoyed. The spaghetti tasted a bit spicy, just the way it should be. It would not be a problem at all for people who do not eat spicy foods. The two king prawns hugging the spaghetti on both sides were superb.

My fantastic Italian dining experience ended with dessert. Forget all about dieting—it was a pleasure for me to enjoy four mouth-watering desserts in small portions: Baba Al Rum, Tiramisu, Pannacotta and Cannolo Siciliano. As a sweet lover myself, these four desserts were perfect. The Baba Al Rum had a little bit of alcohol in it, but the taste was pleasant. The Cannolo Siciliano was a piquant dessert too. Though I loved them all, I had to say that my favourite desserts among the four were the Tiramisu and the Pannacotta. Accompanied with chocolate and strawberry respectively, I could not stop eating them. I finished them in seconds!

In creating and preparing the dishes, Chef Pierluigi has one simple philosophy: to be 100% traditional. When he says he wants to create an Italian dish, the taste will be 100% authentic Italian. The ingredients are mostly imported fresh from Italy and the equipment used has to be the best. As a result, diners will find consistency in each dish. For instance, a pizza will be served the same way every single day: the texture, for example, will not be crispy one day and soft the next.

An extensive selection of wines from all parts of the world is available at Sopra Ristorante. Depending on guests’ preferences, there are more than 20 choices of white wine and over 60 choices of red wine to choose as an excellent accompaniment to the dishes.

The restaurant, with a capacity of approximately 150 seats, is open daily from 11AM to 10PM. Guests who would like to enjoy a cappuccino or two can arrive 30 minutes prior to 11AM. There is a VIP room for 12 persons available by advance booking with a minimum payment of IDR 3,000,000.

In addition to dining-in, Sopra Ristorante also does catering to satisfy your craving for Italian food at your private function.

Two of the most popular dishes that are extremely popular and are very much liked by the guests are the Premium Pizza: The King, a light, creamy and crispy pizza and the amazing Spaghetti King Prawn.



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