Your Summer Drinks at Padma Resort Ubud

Your Summer Drinks at Padma Resort Ubud

An invitation to kick back and relax, the serene resort collaborates with Roku Gin to present a selection of refreshing Roku’s Summer Cocktails at Payangan Lounge.

As summer begins to heat up, Padma Resort Ubud is turning up the cool factor with an irresistible new promotion at Payangan Lounge. In celebration of World Gin Day, this idyllic retreat in the heart of Bali’s lush highlands is introducing an exclusive selection of cocktails featuring the distinctive Roku Gin. Roku Gin, a premium Japanese gin, stands out with its balanced flavour profile derived from six unique Japanese botanicals harvested across the four seasons. This careful craftsmanship is now the centrepiece of three refreshing and innovative cocktails available only this month at Payangan Lounge.

For those who appreciate a blend of sweet and sour, the Bara Gimlet is a must-try. This cocktail harmoniously combines rose syrup and orange bitters with Roku Gin, offering a delightful sip that’s both fragrant and flavourful. If a burst of fruitiness is more your style, the Rongan Collins won’t disappoint. This drink mixes longan fruit, elderflower syrup, and hibiscus soda water with Roku Gin, delivering a refreshingly fruity and floral experience perfect for summer afternoons. For a unique twist, the Kohi Sour is the cocktail of choice. This concoction merges the robust flavours of coffee liqueur, spiced orange, and kaffir lime with the smoothness of Roku Gin. The result is a sophisticated drink that balances sour and bitter notes beautifully.

These exclusive cocktails are available daily from 12pm to 11.45pm and priced at IDR170,000+ per glass. These cocktails are not just for resort guests; outside visitors are welcome to indulge as well. Whether lounging by the pool or enjoying the scenic views, a glass of Roku’s Summer Cocktails is the perfect way to celebrate the season.

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