Taipan Kitchen & Dining

Taipan Kitchen & Dining

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Taipan Kitchen & Dining is a staple on the Jakarta Chinese dining scene and caters to diners from breakfast through to dinner, from casual meals through to reunions and weddings.

This scope is possible thanks to the two-story concept with Taipan Kitchen downstairs serving diners from 8am with freshly made dim sum, Taiwanese Lamien noodles in original chilli sauce, business lunches and light dinners, all the way through to 11pm.

Upstairs, meanwhile, is Taipan Dining with its beautiful chinoiserie walls, crystal chandeliers and multiple VIP rooms and dining areas, making it ideal for private family events and once in a lifetime events such as engagements and weddings.

Discerning Chinese diners love the extensive range of Cantonese delicacies offered by Taipan’s chefs, including the renowned foie gras and Peking duck pancake, US beef tenderloin, Baked Fortune Chicken and fried salted egg yolk sesame ball, as well as the live seafood and barbequed meat. Salmon yee sang and lobster yee sang will both feature for Chinese New Year on the delectable set menus specially prepared for the occasion.

Taipan Kitchen & Dining

Grand Paragon Mall

Jalan Gajah Mada No. 126

Jakarta 11130, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2129073139