A Taste of Japanese Nikkei in Padma Hotel Semarang with Chef Sandro...

A Taste of Japanese Nikkei in Padma Hotel Semarang with Chef Sandro Medrano

The newly opened hotel brings the Peruvian chef out of the brand’s own TENKAI Japanese Nikkei at Padma Resort Legian for the collaboration event.

Padma Hotel Semarang has announced an upcoming chef collaboration dinner with the man behind TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant at Padma Resort Legian, Chef Sandro Medrano. On 8 March, the hotel’s all-day dining Semawis will host Chef Medrano and his creation of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines combination.

Anticipate Chef Medrano and his team to craft an uncompromising four-course degustation set menu inspired by the delicacy of Japanese culinary style with punchy Peruvian flavours. This include his signature dishes such as Gindara Misoyu and Robata Niku.

Renowned for years of serving traditional Japanese and teppanyaki, TENKAI Japanese recently elevated its
library with the arrival of Chef Medrano and his extraordinary Nikkei influence. The event at Semawis will not only be an exciting experience for diners in Semarang, but also introducing the flavours of Peruvian and Japenese Nikkei to a broader food scene.

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