Teatro Gastroteque

Teatro Gastroteque

duckAfter honing his culinary skills in the top hotel and fine dining restaurants of the United Arab Emirates, Chef Daniel Edwards brings his unique philosophy of ‘umami’ to Teatro. Often referred to as the fifth taste sensation beyond sweet, salty, bitter, and sour, umami is best described as savoury, adding a decadent richness to Teatro’s award-winning blend of French culinary techniques and Indonesian flavours. The perfect example of umami may be found in Chef Daniel’s gastrique sauce, a red wine vinegar and chicken stock reduction that takes all day to prepare. 

With numerous international accolades under his belt, Chef Mandif Warokka, the mastermind behind Teatro’s resounding success, is in superior hands with Chef Daniel at the helm. Designed for epicureans to fully enjoy the fruits of Teatro’s culinary creations, the restaurant features three degustation menus, ranging from three- to seven courses. Each degustation begins with a satisfying amuse bouche course such as a regal lobster bisque, whipped into delicacy. The artisan foie gras course specialises in showcasing one of the island’s exotic fruits. In our case, sweet chunks of mango compote, topped with a mint leaf, complemented the rustic elegance of Teatro’s imported French foie gras and foie mousse. 

Committed to utilising a minimum of 60-65% locally sourced ingredients, Teatro’s menu is brimming with Bedugul grown micro greens, leeks, kaffir lime, chilli, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Admittedly addicted to classic French cooking techniques, Chef Daniels attributes his hands-on experience behind the scenes at Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s most prestigious five-star kitchens with teaching him how to master such skills as poaching, sautéing, braising, sous-vide, and confit.

Teatro’s Kiwami 9+ Beef Cube Roll is a prime example of the time consuming sous-vide method, taken to the next level with food grade plastic that dissolves in the cooking process. Ensuring that your beef is cooked to personalised perfection – Chef Daniel recommends medium rare – each portion is cooked at an extremely low temperature in water for an extended period of time. Paired with a Chateau Belrose Moncaillou Cabernet Sauvignon, hailing from the notable Sadirac region of Aquitaine in southwestern France, the hearty red is a perfect complement to the dish’s full-flavoured truffle jus, which takes three days to prepare.

A popular culinary destination to celebrate special occasions and holidays, notable days such as New Year’s Eve feature an entirely new menu, offering Teatro’s cult following the opportunity to experience brand new dishes. For Teatro addicts that make dining at the restaurant a regular affair, a discovery menu is offered nightly, featuring a handful of Teatro’s classics as well as surprise dishes. Each menu culminates in a fete of Valhrona chocolate amongst other delights.

The sophisticated residential ambience of the restaurant lends itself to romantic rendez-vous as candlelit tables, velvet club chairs and what may possibly be Bali’s most glamorous ceramics, custom designed for Teatro by Kevala Ceramics, beautifully present each course. Meaning ‘perfect’ in Sanskrit, kevala is a fitting way to describe each memorable journey at Teatro.