Lyon Restaurant

Lyon Restaurant

MOJKT-LYON-PRV-ROOM-01Lyon is delighted to welcome you to sample some of the best creations from its Executive Chef, Thierry Le Quéau. Lyon offers classic French cuisine with a modern twist, with each dish carefully prepared according to traditional techniques. Discover a new haute gastronomy experience that will have you coming back for seconds – and thirds!

While waiting for your order, enjoy the basket of freshly baked homemade bread that tastes amazing even without butter. The a la carte menu, created especially by Chef Le Quéau , has a variety of French specialties using fresh seasonal ingredients and high quality products. Besides the la carte menu, there are also some international dishes, mostly seafood, including theAlaskan king crab, grilled fillet and wild prawns.

For the highlights, Lyon’s signature dish is Nebraska farm premium Black Angus. The meat is succulent, juicy and perfectly cooked to medium rare, resulting in a particularly tender meat. You can also enjoy this with duck foie gras and Périgueux sauce  as the Tournedos Rossini, or grilled with café de Paris butter or cognac cream sauce with black pepper mignonette as Steak Au Poivre.

After a fleeting encounter with a main course, a refreshing dessert is a perfect foil for your taste buds. The selection is vast and oh so tempting, ranging from fresh and matured cheeses with condiments and honeycomb, to the famous éclair, crème brûlée with red berry sorbet, profiteroles with cocoa nib ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce, and many more.


The design is simple yet chic, very classic and stylish. With its checked floor, cane-back chairs, round tables and a subtle colour scheme of ivory and wood tones, unlike many French restaurants, Lyon is not trying too hard to be French. It is not so overly romantic that it is unsuitable for general purpose occasions, such as business dinners. Lyon also has two private dining rooms seating 10 or 12 people, and a very impressive wine cellar with a collection of fine wine from France and around the world.

Thanks to its lovely restaurant ambience, great food and stellar service, and with the new director of food and beverage, Sebastian Gassen, on board, Lyon will absolutely stay as one of the top French restaurants in Jakarta. So why not take a wonderful culinary journey to Lyon!

For upcoming special events, such as Valentine’s Day, Chef Le Quéau will prepare something special: a set-course dinner highlighting fresh seafood delicacies, not mention special creations of His and Hers menus for couples. Don’t miss the love celebration in Lyon! Make a reservation now, because life is so endlessly delicious!

French Delicacy:



From calf brains to pork trotters, there is a wide variety of internal animal organs that are considered delicacies in the French culinary industry. These include kidneys, feet, tail, tongue, snout, stomach, brain, marrow, gizzard, blood and the bones of common farm animals and birds. 


One such dish is Langue de Veau Bourgeoise, which is calf tongue boiled in stock for two hours, then sliced and served with a sauce. A more attractive alternative of a tongue dish is the pictured Mille-feuille de Langue de Boeuf. 


Pork heart is also popular among those who enjoy offal. Since the heart is essentially just muscle, and one that is used more than any other, pork heart requires long, moist cooking to tenderize it.


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