The Butcher’s Life

The Butcher’s Life

From household burger brand to meat master, The Butchers Club has come a long way.

When it was first opened early 2015, The Butchers Club Burgers came to Bali with a buzzing reputation from its outlet in Hong Kong and its five burgers – just about enough to cater to all palates. The Bali branch has since made a name for itself, thanks to its quality meat and inventive burgers. Now, more than two years later, it’s the name that comes to foodies’ minds when talking about burgers in Bali. Aiming to always stay relevant, The Butchers Club Burgers has revamped itself to become The Butchers Club Steakhouse, while still retaining the signature burgers that made it famous in the first place – albeit with some enhancements – and more mouth-watering (just in case you’re not in the mood for burgers) options that play strong in quality and taste.

Let’s do the burger roll call before we delve deeper into all the luscious flavours on offer here. Like any burger place should, The Butchers Club sets the bar with its classic burger: dry aged patty, cheddar, bacon, tomato, pickle and signature sauce are stacked in perfect proportions. The patty is juicy without being overwhelming, and while the sauce gives enough juice, the bun still has a nice crunch on the surface – a nice complement to the whole burger.

For those with twice the appetite, the Double Happiness speaks for itself with double patty, double cheese and double bacon between two grilled cheese buns. This one is stacked so tall, it has to be held up with a knife. The Wu-Tang Style, meanwhile, is made up of ingredients you never would have thought would work for a burger, but they do. The patty is fried in sriracha sauce and comes with kimchi, cheddar, tempura sweet potato and kewpie mayonnaise – an Asian-inspired festival for your mouth.

Crispy fried barramundi with tartar sauce stars in the Captain Ahab burger, while the Miss Piggy burger boasts decadent crispy pork belly with Asian slaw and tempura onion rings. Vegetarians can go for the What Food Eats, consisting of a chickpea and veggie patty, fried feta, spiced yoghurt, tomato and lettuce.

Now if you don’t feel like burgers, opt for the wood-fired steaks because The Butchers Club is very serious about its meat. Director Gareth Moore has brought in a custom-built wood grill he designed and made in Bali – repurposed from some things from the old restaurant, ripped apart and rebuilt. “Very down and dirty backyard engineering,” says Gareth – just like a no-nonsense, no-gimmicks, straight up meat joint should be.

All the meat for the burgers and steaks is dry aged, and displayed so that the guests can see exactly what goes in to their meal – supported by the open kitchen too. The dry-aging process packs in the deep flavour and succulence of the meat, and it really helps that nothing is frozen – only chilled. The Butchers Club only uses premium quality Australian grain-fed beef, with no chemicals and no GMO. All in all, The Butchers Club is the place to go to find honest bites with honest ambience.

The Butchers Club Steakhouse

Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan,

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3618974004