The Mojito

The Mojito

Irresistibly fresh and punchy, the Mojito is Cuba’s invigorating white rum-based cocktail and a perennial favourite in the summertime. Traditionally, the Mojito uses five key ingredients: rum, sugar cane juice, lime, soda and mint. Being so refreshing and a little lower in alcohol compared to most cocktails, it’s always a winner no matter the situation.


The History

Like so many classic rum cocktails, the Mojito was created in Havana, Cuba, but by who and when is shrouded in mystery. One story claims it was first created to ward off scurvy way back in 1586, others say it was an invention by African slaves in the Cuban rice fields. Whatever the origins, the name comes from the Spanish word mojadito, which loosely means “something a little wet” – rather apt for such a refreshing drink.

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