The Shore Restaurant & Bar at Grand Nikko Bali

The Shore Restaurant & Bar at Grand Nikko Bali


A beachfront classic atop Nusa Dua’s shimmering stretch of sand, The Shore Restaurant & Bar at Grand Nikko Bali knows just how to perfect a fairytale feast.



When you imagine a romantic dinner on the beach, you probably picture flickering candles beneath twinkling constellations and the soft sound of lapping waves merging with a soft harmony of mood music. If you then add glimmering burning torches, a backdrop of glowing lagoon pools and the silhouette of Nusa Dua’s rugged cliffs in the distance, then your idea of a romantic dinner propels to fairytale status, matching the dining experience at Grand Nikko Bali’s The Shore Restaurant & Bar.

By day, The Shore perfects beachfront chic with its fresh and light bites surrounded by dazzling white sands, but as daytime draws to a close and the blue skies turn to a fiery orange, The Shore’s ambience evolves into a sophisticated semi-fine dining haven of romantic grandeur. Designed as a modern interpretation of a boat on stilts, The Shore presents two very different dining areas. Upstairs, The Shore’s Aqua Mezzanine dining room is a haute-tropical wonderland that soaks up the surrounding vista of turquoise lagoon pools, blooming frangipani’s and picturesque palms. But it is the downstairs al fresco beachfront deck that truly encapsulates romantic dining at its finest.

Meandering pathways glimmer with dainty lanterns over charming little bridges, leading to the dark mahogany deck that is sparsely sprinkled with just a few tables dressed in white table cloths. A sophisticated yet laid-back beachside vibe cloaks the terrace, overlooking the soft sand where romantic little tables beckon with the promise of sumptuous pre-dinner cocktails. Smiling Balinese staff behind the open beachfront bar promptly present summery concoctions alongside perfectly chilled bottles of vino, and as the last shred of light dips beneath the horizon, the romantic dinner ambience ignites.

A Taste of The Shore
The Shore’s dinner menu is a wonderful blend of the freshest seafood, imported meats and organic vegetables, put together to create the finest continental cuisine. So with so much to choose from, we opt for four courses of Executive Chef Attila Körmöczi’s signature dishes, starting with his smooth and refreshing scallop carpaccio. Thin slices of scallop are presented in a circle like the petals of a flower while a generous helping of sturgeon caviar is gently placed in the centre, forming the flower’s pollen. The sweet ocean flavours are harmonised by a delicate vanilla vinaigrette and finished with a parsley emulsion and micro greens.

This pairing of seafood with earthy flavours introduces the next course superbly, where a butter poached lobster meets hearty flavours from the land. A rich and caramelised foie gras distinctly contrasts with the delicacy of the crustacean, reinforced by a green pea purée and a drizzling of aged balsamic. Equally soulful is the following course of braised beef shank, reaching new levels of rich flavours with a creamy and buttery potato purée and a red onion jam. As the perfect top note to a full-bodied baseline, the fall-apart tender meat is topped with a crunchy creamed leek that forms an unexpectedly delicious combination with the slightly sweet jam.

A romantic meal would not be complete without a beautifully presented sweet dessert, and Pastry Chef Katarina Sari delivers just that. We are served a milk chocolate cream cheesecake with its playful spread of three sweet sections. The main event is the centred chocolate cheesecake, layered with velvety creaminess and a light spongy texture. Then on either side of the cake is a crisp yet squishy macaroon to the left, and a lemon and basil sorbet to the right, finished with a brush of anise strawberry ganache. It is the best of both worlds in the sense that it provides the right amount of sugary naughtiness without being too heavy. It is the perfect balance of passion, sweetness and undeniable indulgence, which also appropriately epitomises the beachfront romance at The Shore.