The ThirtySix Bar & Co

The ThirtySix Bar & Co

Some high-end Hong Kong cocktail bars pride themselves on offering guests a completely blinged up experience, while others replicate the classic New York and London bars of yesteryear. Only one, The ThirtySix Bar & Co. located on Hollywood Road in Central, takes cocktail lovers on an Orient Express-style expedition to explore the iconic Japanese Highball and classic cocktails in total luxury.

On arrival at The ThirtySix, guests are welcomed by a spectacular glass-encased display that tells the story of whisky as it matures in the cask, a key element of many of the bar’s signature concoctions. The interior design is inspired by the luxury Pullman carriage from the golden age of rail travel; think Art Deco furnished with sumptuous seating and accented with touches of nostalgic Japanese pop culture.

B for Mayor’s Boilermaker

The perfect place to wait for the next libation to arrive, in the centre sits an elegant cocktail bar complemented by bar seating. For a more relaxed space, there are deep-set leather booths and Pullman coach sofas bound with leather and set beneath vintage carriage shelves.

Backed by some outrageously good food, an impressive selection of whiskies and boutique spirits, the cocktail menu concentrates on creative highballs. The Sakura highball and 21st Century California are house favourites, along with traditional and modern classics like the old fashioned and the highly recommended B for Mayor’s Boilermaker, a drink inspired by railroad workers and made from Rebel Yell Kentucky straight bourbon with thyme syrup, lemon juice and beer foam.


  • B for Mayor’s Boilermaker
  • El Mismo
  • Seedlipper

The ThirtySix Bar & Co

2/F, 23 Hollywood Road

Central, Hong Kong

T: (+852) 23364498


Exquisite Taste September – November 2019